Who are they?

The Leader
Respected and revered. The Leader holds power and a calming presence that is soothing to all those around him. He has a side that cares for all those that are below him in rank and has a wit about him that can make any man laugh. He is careful and calculated, reserved and humorous. Well liked and forever loved, the Leader is the one to take control and to care for all. 

The Beauty
Fragile and alluring. The Beauty is striking in appearance and in attitude. Blunt and straightforward, his personality are a far cry from his delicate features. He comes off as a crash and uncaring person, but that is only to those that haven’t looked beyond his perfect porcelain mask. Beneath it all, he is just as frail as the pres tine mask he wears and has a heart vulnerable to pain.

The Insane
Psychotic and unbalanced. The Insane is unpredictable and spastic, his mind often an odd place to visit. He has an affection for those around him, finding the most unusual things amusing. Skinship is one of his favorite sports and finding ways to watch his friends’ peaceful sleeping brings him a great happiness. The Insane is often left to himself and a bit of a loner, but his outgoing nature and estranged ways bring a smile to those that are around him as long as it is within their comfort zone.

The Jester
Witty and funny. The Jester is the most humorous of the group. He is the first to try a joke to lighten the mood and create a happier atmosphere. This jovial character is found to be the most likable and quick minded. He is kind, but his slap-stick comedy often outshines that side of him. Through his humour, the Jester expresses his ideas and personality and brightens the room with a great personality that is unbeatable.

The Forgotten
Overlooked and obscure. The Forgotten is often a member who is sidelines and pushed aside. That one person whom you always know however seem to always forget his exsistance. With the feeling of having no real quality attributes, the Forgotten works hard to always stand in the light that shines over the others. But is forever lost in the shadows, to be adrift in the sea of people around him.

The Performer
Artist and virtuoso. Dedictaed to his art to perform for the masses, the Performer finds his home on the stage. Hard working and commited to his craft, many hours, blood, sweat and tears are shed to perfect his act. Only wanting to please and bring joy to the world through his act, the Perfomer will stop at nothing to become the best at what he does.

The Child
Naive and innocent. The Child is a pure of heart character. Naive in his outlook of the world, he is often fooled by others. The innocence that shines in his always forgiving eyes melts even the coldest of hearts. The captivating smile that plays on his lips draws you near to him, where you will always feel like you have the feeling of being wrapped in a loving hug of his undying friendship. The Child is one that will always see the world though the eyes of one who is untainted by the harsh world.

The Holy
Devout and pious. The Holy is kind and soft spoken, respectful of all other human beings and thankful for all things in life. He is known for his faith in the heavenly Lord and Father and his unshakable belief is admirable. His sweet demeanor comes from the practices of the Bible, treating all equally and finding no ill in any situation that he is placed in. He is a well-mannered man and is kind to the point where it seems false, but every ounce of his compassion is genuine. 

The Kind
Sweet and loving. The Kind has a soft spot for everyone in his heart. He is found extending a lending hand towards any that need it or a sweet smile to brighten a downtrodden person’s day. His caring nature leaves him vulnerable and he is a sensitive soul that often feels the emotions of others around him. He is easy to cry, but this just shows how emotionally attached he is to the world and those that are close to him. The Kind may be seen as a weak character, but his strength lie within his ability to feel and to discern other’s emotions better than they can themselves. 

The Evil
Frightening and vindictive. The Evil is often stoic, thought of as a mechanical wonder at times. He looks to be of stone, but beneath that icy exterior lays an inner heated core. Hidden behind cold stares and a firm lip is actually a vicious demon barely tethered down. There is no respect for his elders and anyone will become his victim as long as they are within torturing distance. He may appear to have no heart, but there is yet to discover all about this cold character.

credit: jjongtaee
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