[111129] Super Junior won 3 MAMA awards

Korang semua tengok tak MAMA semalam?? Ieta tengok dua kali, firsly streamlive pastu malam tengok kat 8tv  lak..Kalau korang tengok kan, Eunhyuk sangat-sangat la hyper malam tadi, i dunno why..haha.
Tapi ieta suke tengok dia macam tu,comel je..hehe

The best performance goes to uri oppas :)
Their performance is really awesome :D

Dorang menang 3 award semalam..

1.Singapore's Choice
2.Best Male Group
3.Album of The Year

Alhamdulillah...we did it guys :) Tapi ieta sangat tak puas hati dengan MAMA, sebab kenapa Super Junior tak nominate dalam Artist of The Year?? Sedangkan kita dah vote dorang sampai dorang dapat voting TERTINGGI.. tapi still tak nominate, what the fish? Tapi takpe yang penting award paling besar tu ALBUM of THE YEAR kita menang :')
Sedih gila masa tengok Leeteuk bagi speech masa last dorang menang tu, even masa tu ieta tak paham apa yang dorang cakap, ieta nangis jugak..Sakit hati ni bila tengok dorang nangis especially bila Leeteuk try to be strong, taknak nangis depan orang lagi..Ieta tak suka tengok oppa macam tu,kalau nak nangis,nangis jela..Kan kalau dipendam lagi sakit..ELF always be there for you..Don't worry..

LeeTeuk's winning speech in MAMA for 'Album of the Year' :

Hi Singapore, we've lived through our 20s with everyone, thank you. With many difficulties, with so many things happening, the members depended on each each other, also the members who are not with us, the ones watching TV right now, and the ones far away from us, I love you guys. When no one acknowledged us, no one knew us, the best fanclub who made us the best, as fans, letting us feel the "mightiness", ELF all over the world, I thank you again. We Super Junior are ugly ducklings, until the day we became swans, SM Entertainment's Lee Soo Man, Kim Youngmin and others who kept giving us help, and teacher Yoo Young Jin who gave us Sorry Sorry, Thank you. Super Junior's mentors, Young Joon hyung, Seung Joon hyung, Min Hwan hyung, Dae Bin hyung, Yong Sun hyung and (one more xxx) I really thank you. This award could be the last we receive before enlistment, it's an unforgettable awards ceremony, we will continue being a hard working Super Junior. Thank you everybody.

Pagi ni bila ieta baca translation ni pun nangis lagi.,baca ni : 
also the members who are not with us,the ones watching TV right now (heechul,kangin&kibum),  and the ones far away from us (hankyung)
look at them they still remember their members,hankyung,heechul,kibum & kangin... haa, ieta taktau macam mana nak explain perasaan ni, maybe kalau korang ELF akan tahu apa yang ieta rasa sekarang ni..

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EunTeuk DJ will leaving Sukira soon

Okey, sebelum tu ieta nak cerita sikit pasal DJ EunTeuk ni..sikit je tau,hehe.. dorang mula-mula start jadi DJ kat Kiss The Radio pada 21August2006.. Dorang dah jadi DJ kat sana nak masuk 5tahun 3bulan.. o_O lama kan? Dorang ni memang best la jadi DJ sebab dorang sangat dorky..

tapi back to the main topic,They'll leaving Sukira..What the? 0_o ? Kenapa mesti tinggalkan Sukira? I'm GANNA miss EunTeuk DJ so much.. Orang cakap dorang tinggalkan Sukira sebab busy..but i know it..Leeteuk kan tak lama lagi nak masuk army, so... sigh-_- Benda yang paling ieta takut finally datang jugak..
Dorang lastday pada 4thdecember2011.. ieta taktau nak cakap apa dah.. kosong gila otak masa dapat tahu news ni, terpaksa kena kuatkan jugak semangat and try to accept the truth about abanglong nak pergi army tak lama je lagi.. Takpe oppa, i will wait for you, this is not the END but AND ! :')
Dan pada masa yang sama, ieta bersyukur gak, tahu sebab apa? Sebab dorang dapat rehat lebih sikit..Tahu kan jadi DJ ni bukan senang,sampai tengah malam baru habis, mesti dorang penat, so this time dorang boleh rehat sikit.. :')

MinWook yang akan ganti tempat EunTeuk, happy to hear that, atlease it's still Super Junior Kiss The Radio right? :)

Jom tengok video ni : 

Leeteuk and Eunhyuk's first day as DJs 

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[111127] Super Junior Twitter update


1.@donghae861015 :I’m in Singapore now. I’m gonna have a rehearsal soon! See u guys 2days later!! 
2.@donghae861015 I'm ganna have a blast !!!!! MAMA !! http://lockerz.com/s/160024326


@shfly3424:This is Singapore .. I’m giving singing lesson for 2 dongsaengs to have a better performance on tomorrow and the day after tomorrow~~ ㅋㅋ


‎{Trans/Me2day}  Shindong's update  Reached Singapore!! Hungry!!! ㅎㅎ


@special1004: So fast one week passed already..Members are in Singapore..and my heart is already in Singapore..ㅜㅜ See you on mama!!


@ryeong9 Our rehearsal for an awesome award (event) has ended well and (we had) went back (to our hotel) keke. Singapore~~ Above our hotel has a ship sitting on it, staying in a famous hotel . . I like it kyakya. I am about to sleep ~~>< Everyone goodnight ^^


[TRANS] @siwon407: Just so you know, (this) photo (is taken) by SIWON. This photo shows a lot~^^“@shfly3424: twitpic.com/7knjn6 This is Singapore .. For them to perform better tomorrow and the day after, I'm giving singing lessons to my two dongsaengs ~~ ㅋㅋ" 

@siwon407: are you ready to scream SINGAPORE? let's have an unforgettable sweet evening together on tuesday!

@siwon407: first day in singapore. beautiful and silence. lovely night you lovely 

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Hello peeps !
Lama ieta tak update belog ni kan? sorryyyyy, busy sikit ..
Banyak dah ketinggalan cerita-cerita pasal uri oppa..huhu..SS4 pun dah start kan? Sempat la jugak ieta skodeng-skodeng video and gambar dorang..memang awesome gila lah ! Oppa always the best right? haha          
Balik pada topik, yang ieta tahu esok ada MAMA award kat Singapore, Siapa pergi???*cer angkat tangan, haha. Kalau tak dapat pergi pun tak apa,jangan sedih-sedih kita boleh tengok oppa kat 8tv pukul 9.30 malam .. JANGAN LUPA TAU ?:)

Okey,buat masa ni, hanya ni je update yang ieta dapat, tapi kalau ieta tahu news pasal dorang lagi ieta akan tulis kat blog k? wait ya ! 

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Super Junior's Achievements over the past 6 years.

Our goal of this list is to demonstrate the prestigious achievements of Super Junior throughout the world. As our knowledge is not thorough, some may not have been listed but the message remains the same, Super Junior is a Hallyu leader. On this 6th anniversary, let’s travel back in time and appreciate how much Super Junior has built over these years.

2006 – The birth of the stars

March 25th – April 22: Created history by staying at No.1 position for five weeks with “Miracle” on Thailand’s Channel V Internal music board.

May 5th: Super Junior was voted as the number one group/celebrities that children want to spend Children’s Day with.

May 25th: “U” had over 400,000 downloads within five hours of its release and ultimately exceeded 1.7 million downloads, crashing the server.

June: The first single album produced by the boy group “Super Junior,” entitled “U,” topped CD sales charts (Hanteo, Hot Tracks, Kyobo Bookstore’s online CD charts, and OiMusic) during the first week after its release on June 7.

August 21st: Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio (Sukira) started on this day and is the longest idol-run show in history and has the highest rating for its timeslot.

September 18th: Attended 5th Pattaya Music Festival in Thailand as representatives of Korea.
“U” was the first Korean single to enter the Top 10 Oricon charts.
Notable Awards:

Mutizen (Triple Crown Award) at SBS Inkigayo (Also, Super Junior’s first award)
Best New Group at Mnet KM Music Festival
Best New Group at 21st Golden Disk Awards
Best Music Video at 21st Golden Disk Awards
Best New Group at 16th Seoul Music Awards
Best Male Group at 13th Korea Entertainment Arts Awards
Best New Group at Korean Digital Music Awards
Best New Male Group at SBS Song Awards

2007 and 2008 – The rise to stardom

March 20th, 2008: Hangeng was chosen as an Olympic torch bearer for Beijing Olympics 2008, first idol ever to be chosen in history.

April 30th, 2008: Goodwill ambassadors for Korea and Thailand 50th Anniversary, honoring the good relationship Korea has held with Thailand for the past fifty years.

December, 2008: Super Junior M, are the first artists to ever appear on Chinese postage stamps.

Became Spokesmodel for Donate Blood (2007–present) campaign at the Republic of Korea National Red Cross and were appointed as Goodwill ambassador for World Blood Donor Day.

Don’t Don peaked at #1 on the Five Music J-pop/K-pop Chart and the G-music J-pop Chart in Taiwan within the first week of release. The album broke the record for being the highest ranked Korean album on the G-music Combo Billboard Chart, surpassing the albums of TVXQ and Shinhwa.

Don’t Don was the second best selling album of the year with 164,058 copies sold.
Notable Awards:

Best New Asian Artist at 2nd Thailand’s SEED Awards
Asia’s Artist of the Year at China Tencent Stars Magnificent Ceremony in 2007
TPL Anycall Popularity Award and Disk Bonsang for “Don’t Don” at Golden Disk Awards
New Generation Top Artist of the Year and Best Male Dance Artist for “Don’t Don” at 14th Korea Entertainment Arts Awards
Artist of the Year Award, Netizen Popularity Award, and Mobile Popularity Award at Mnet KM Music Festival

Disk Bonsang Award and Mobile Popularity Award at 17th Seoul Music Awards
Favorite Artist of Korea at MTV Asia Awards

Mainland’s Best Album “Me” and Mainland’s Most Popular Group at CCTV 2008 Chinese Entertainment Awards
Mainland’s Best Group at the CCTV-MTV Music Awards and at China Tencent Stars Magnificent Ceremony in 2008

Asia’s Most Popular New Group (SJ-M) at Music King Awards a month after their debut in 2008
2009 – The crowned stars

Sorry, Sorry sold over 29,000 copies the first day, defeating Seo Taiji’s record of 25,000 and to this day hold this record.

March 15th: Super Junior’s Sorry, Sorry performance on the program “Inkigayo” made the ratings increase to 14%, highest seen in the recent years.

April 19th: Super Junior performed at Jackie Chan’s “Good Friends” concert as Korea’s representatives in Beijing National Stadium.

Sorry Sorry debuted at #2 in Taiwan’s G-music Combo chart, #1 in the International chart and #1 in Five Music’s Korean chart.

Sorry Sorry reigned popular music website KKbox for 36 weeks at #1 position in ‘Korea/Japan Single Top 100 Chart’.

Also at another Taiwan’s online music website, Ezpeer, Sorry Sorry was #1 for 34 consecutive weeks.
In Thailand’s Channel V Countdown Asian Charts, Sorry Sorry set record of being #1 for 8 consecutive weeks (3rd week of April – 1st week of June).

In Philippines, gained a Gold Record status for the album, “Sorry, Sorry”
Notable Awards:

Disk Daesang, Disk Bonsang, Samsung YEPP Popularity Award for Sorry Sorry at Golden Disk Awards
Disk Bonsang, Mobile Popularity and Hallyu Star Award at Seoul Music Awards
Top 10 Bonsang Award at Melon Music Awards
Album of the Year in Gaon Chart
Asian Best Group at Asia Song Festival

Thailand’s Channel V: #1 on Asian Top 50 Year End 2009

Taiwan’s Hit FM: #1 on 2009 Top 100 Singles Chart

Most Downloaded Overseas Song (Super Girl) in China Digital Music Awards
Medal of Appreciation at the Shanghai International Art Festival

2010 – Shining around the world

June 10th: “Victory Korea” won Best World Cup Song at ESPN poll receiving over 90% of the votes beating out Shakira, Akon etc.

October 9th – October 12th: Kim Heechul trended on Twitter for 3 days with the help of Super Junior’s worldwide fans.

November 22nd: Named National Pop culture Icon and recieved Minister of Culture award by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism for spreading the Hallyu Wave in other countries and raising awareness of South Korea to foreigners.

December: In an interview with CNN, Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Choi Siwon talked about how Super Junior members target various overseas entertainment markets. CNN also did a small coverage on Super Junior’s 5th anniversary.

Bonamana reached 7th spot on the Billboard’s World Album-Chart.

Bonamana reigned No.1 on KKBOX since its release for 63 weeks (1 year and 2 months).
In Philippines, gained a Gold Record status for the album, “Bonamana”

In a survey “Top 10 most popular Korean artist survey in a South American country” in Brazil conducted by Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange, Super Junior received the highest votes (2137 votes).
In a newspaper in Saudi Arabia, Leeteuk was named one of the “Most popular celebrities” in Saudi Arabia with names like Lady Gaga.

In one of the local surveys in Saudi Arabia, Super Junior was voted has the most popular Kpop idol group garnering over 40% of the votes.

In a website (Listas) poll in Peru, Super Junior topped the list of “Sexiest Korean Men” in 2010.
Awarded with “Must follow personality” in Mashable Twitter Awards in Las Vegas.

Notable Awards:

Netizen Popularity Battle Award at 2nd Melon Music Awards
Disk Bonsang Award and Asian Popularity Award at 25th Golden Disk Awards
Album of the Year in Gaon Chart
#1 Kpop Star of 2010 by MTV Taiwan
Bestselling Jpop/Kpop artist of the year in Taiwan
Most Popular Group (Super Junior – M) at Chinese Music Radio Top Awards
Best Singing Group (Super Junior – M) in China’s Golden Melody Awards
Most Popular group, and Album Award (Super Junior) in China’s Music festival
Top Buzz Overseas Group for Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards in 2010
In Channel V 2010 Asian Top 50 Year End Chart, Bonamana took the No.1 spot, followed by No Other at No.10 and Sorry, Sorry Answer at No.13.
Number 1 in MTV Asia 2010 Top Korean Idols list.
Best Asian Award in 5th Thailand Asia SEED Awards 2010
Best Korean Artist in ASAP Pop Viewers Choice Awards 2010 in Philippines for Pop K-Pop Category.
Bonamana won Album of the Year and Song of the Year in 2010 Philippines Kpop Convention. Super Junior won Male Group of the Year in 2010 Philippines Kpop Convention.
K-Pop Artist of the Year 2010, hosted by 360Kpop in Vietnam

2011 – The big, space, superstars

January 13th: In Iran the first Persian magazine for Super Junior was launched.
January 25th: Featured in a magazine “NeoTokyo Magazine Nº 59” (11 pages) in Brazil going over member profiles and a thorough history of Super Junior.
January 26th: A Slovenian newspaper, Žurnal, reported about Super Junior members and their album sales.

February 2nd: A Venezuelan magazine wrote an article featuring Super Junior.
February 10th: A channel in Turkey acclaimed Super Junior as one of the “Best Groups in Korea” and did a small feature.
February 21st: The Hong Kong Tourism Board has officially invited Super Junior to host a travel show promoting Hong Kong.
February 24th: Super Junior’s “Super Show 3 3D” set a record with 11,940 viewers in 4 days, making it a success none have achieved before. For February 25th through the 27th, “Super Show 3 3D” ranked sixth at the box office.
February 26th: In a survey conducted by Brazil’s Rede TV, Super Junior was chosen as the number one Korean singer who should come to Brazil garnering over 30% of the votes.

March 3rd: Super Junior appointed as the official ambassadors of Korean cuisine for 2011 by the South Korean Government.
March 11th – 13th: Super Show 3 in Taiwan grossed over $2.8 million, making Super Junior the first artist to hold three sold out concerts in a row. The tickets were sold out in a matter of minutes.

April 25th: Super Junior picked as models for Japan’s “Circle K Sunkus”, one of Japan’s largest convenience store franchises.
April 26th: BBC wrote an article about Kpop, Super Junior in particular, saying “Bands such as Super Junior have launched the musical genre K-pop.”

May 25th: Super Junior’s Leeteuk, became the first idol ever to appear on a live news broadcast.

June 13th: Super Junior picked as the Hallyu star that you want to travel Korea with.
June 17th: Super Junior appointed ambassadors of ‘Seoul Summer Sale 2011’ as per a survey conducted among foreigners in which Super Junior received 76% of the votes.

July 26th: Super Junior appointed as Korean Tourism ambassadors

August: Super Junior-M’s “Perfection” tops Odyssey music chart.
August 4th: Super Junior’s 5th album comeback received massive international anticipation and a press conference was held attracting over 200 media outlets from Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, and many other countries.
August 12th: Mr. Simple ranks No.3 on World Billboard Album Chart (The highest recorded spot for a Kpop album yet).
August 14th: Mr. Simple ranks No.6 on United World chart.
August 25th: In a survey conducted by SPanyol TV and Websites, Super Junior beat out other artists to become the “Favorite Kpop Group” in Spain.
August 25th: In Germany on the StarFlash chart, Super Junior came in first place with, “Mr. Simple,” with 12,349 points (almost double from the second place on the chart). Super Junior became the first and the only Kpop artist ever to take first place on the chart. This same site featured an article about Mr. Simple’s Krepet dance taking over.
August 29th: Super Junior’s “Mr. Simple” MV ranked 3rd on YouTube Global chart for views
September 2nd: In Peru, Super Junior’s Mr. Simple won the poll “The Teen Top of the Week” which features the most popular songs chosen by the listeners. Mr. Simple won with 10,928 votes. The song was then played on popular Peruvian radio VIVA FM 104.7.
September 5th: ‘Ceci China’ September issue with cover model Super Junior was sold out in 3 hours in China.
September 25th: Super Junior was invited to represent Korea at the China-Japan-Korea Music Festival while Super Junior-M represented China at Beijing’s National Stadium.

October 5th: London Evening Standard listed Super Junior as one of the three biggest K-Pop groups.
October 13th: Super Show 4 Seoul tickets sell out in 8 minutes making a record for a South Korean group.
October 18th: LG Electronics chose Super Junior as models to strengthen Kpop marketing strategies.
October 23rd: NY Daily listed Super Junior among the “5 Must Hear Groups” of K-Pop.
October 24th: New York Times review featured Super Junior at SMTOWN NY and declared “K.R.Y., a sub-group of Super Junior, delivered what may have been the night’s best performance on “Sorry Sorry Answer,” a muscular R&B ballad.”

In a survey held by Korea.com, Super Junior was named the “Most Popular Korean Wave Star in other countries”.

Mr. Simple holds the highest score record for Music Bank scores since the new system was employed in May of 2010.

Mr. Simple holds the highest record for 1st week album sales on Hanteo in 2011.
Mr. Simple holds the highest number of consecutive wins on Music Bank for 2011 as of yet.
Mr. Simple album peaked at #19 on iTunes “Top 100 pop albums in US”.
Mr. Simple replaced Bonamana’s 63 week reign of KKBOX’s Kpop chart and has been No.1 since its release (11 weeks as of now).
Mr. Simple placed #1 for 3 consecutive weeks on G-Music‘s ‘Asia Chart’ and on Kwang Nan‘s ‘Korea & Japan Music Chart’ in Taiwan.
“Mr. Simple” snagged #1 for 4 weeks in a row on Five Music‘s ‘Korea & Japan Music Chart’ from August 26th to September 22nd in Taiwan.
Mr. Simple topped ‘Show! Thai K-POP Chart’ for consecutive 4 weeks

Notable Awards:

Most Popular Music at the 6th Korea in Motion Festival
The Highest Asia Singer Award a at 2011 Asia Song Festival
Most popular group of the year (Super Junior – M) and Best Japan/Korea Album of The Year (Bonamana) in Global Chinese Golden Chart Awards
Popular Asia Artist of the Year in 6th Thailand Asia SEED Awards 2011
Super Junior is the only K-Pop group to have seven Number One albums based on record stores’ album charts in the Philippines. Also, the only K-Pop group to reach the Number One Spot in three of the country’s biggest record retail stores’ album charts.

As ELF, we could not be more proud of Super Junior for accomplishing such great feats. These accomplishments were not without hard work. We hope that the men of Super Junior can see just how thankful we are for the past 6 years of sweat and tears that they poured into their work. We look forward to the many years to come.
Super Junior, The Last Man Standing
ELF, The Last Fandom Standing
Happy 6th Anniversary!

Credit: @sjrulestheworld @sujulojo or @barbie_joyce10 
Shared at sup3rjunior.wordpress.com by uksujusid

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Quit blogging (Temporary)

Hi peeps! 

Dah berapa hari kot tak update blog..Tak ada masa sebenarnya, sorry guys.. Kalau korang semua menunggu update pasal SuJu. 
Bukan ieta takmau update, tapi masa tak mengizinkan.. Yela, ieta kan tak lama je lagi nak SPM.. So, kalau dapat online pun selalunya kejap-kejap je..taknak la online lama-lama.. Nanti parents bising lak kan.. huhu

Pejam celik pejam celik, tak lama je lagi ieta dah nak habis sekolah..T_T
Sedih jugak la.. Tadi kitorang semua kemas kelas,buka semua hiasan-hiasan dalam kelas..Siyesly kelas dah kembali buruk..kalau tak sebelum ni kelas kitorang selalu jadi juara sebab Cikgu Chua * guru tingkatan kami lah yang paksa hias kelas cantik-cantikk.. Thanks Cikgu, kalau cikgu tak buat macam tu,mesti kelas kita selalu kalah kan? :)

Lepas tu tadi cikgu cakap mungkin hari ini last day kitorang belajar dengan cikgu.. sebab semua cikgu dah start busy dengan kursus..pastu nanti ada study week,so kitorang dapat cuti belajar kat rumah..huhu
Terus terang ieta cakap, ieta tak suka belajar kat rumah, sebab kat rumah banyak dugaannya..Contohnya ada TV & boleh online.. Sebab tu ieta tak suka sangat belajar kat rumah sebab mudah tergoda T_T
Tapi harap-harap nanti time cuti tu ieta dapat la study kat rumah, kena lawan godaan TV & internet. Suju kena lupakan buat SEMENTARA sahaja *aaa boleh ke?mesti tak boleh punyer :(

Ieta takkan lupa tarikh harini kitorang last belajar dengan cikgu MPAV. Tadi masa dah nak balik tu boleh lak cikgu buka lagu Because You Loved Me *ni kira lagu memory ktorg la sebab cikgu suka sangat dengan lagu tu,asyik buka lagu tu je,masuk koir pun suruh kirog bawa lagu tu ^^
Macam nak nangis je tengok perangai classmates sorang-sorang.. sewel tak sudah-sudah, wei dah nak SPM la, cuba serius sikit. haha.. 

Okey, kembali pada tajuk entry.. *sorry ieta cerita lain dari topik :D
Jangan terkejut..Ieta bukan nak berhenti blogging untuk selama-lamanya.. cuma SEMENTARA je*now korang boleh tarik nafas lega..ekekeeke (perasan)
Mungkin ieta takkan update pasal Suju/blog sampai ieta habis SPM nanti.. Lepas habis SPM ieta akan tulis blog lagi la..so korang semua jangan lari tau ! Kira-kira dalam sebulan je ieta tak aktif blog then lepas tu insyallah ieta akan aktif semula*harap-harap la
Kepada sesiapa yang nak tau update pasal Suju, korang pandai-pandai la follow twitter dorang ke,ataupun fanbase-fanbase suju..ELF kan banyak, semua stalker yang berjaya.. so Gudluck untuk korang supaya jadi stalker suju yang berjaya >.<!

Akhir kata, doakan ieta dapat jawab SPM dengan baik k? Dan semoga korang tak lupakan blog ieta yang tak seberapa ni :') Rajin-rajin la blogwalking kat sini kot-kot ieta ada masa nak update pasal suju kan.haha*tak janji
K bai semua !!! Insyallah kalau ada masa,umur panjang..kita jumpa lagi kat entry ieta yang lain..Wish me luck ! :) Thank you..Terima kasih..Kamsahamnida..Xie xie ni :) pyeong~~

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