This song is dedicated to the world’s biggest fan club The “ELF”, my girls, my angels.

We first met years ago and it was love at first sight. Baby, no matter where I go, you stand by my side just like my shadow. There are sometimes so many things to prove our love. Even when I'm sick, even when I'm collapse, you're the only one remaining by my side. Baby, let's never break up. Oh my lady, I really love you. Shawty , it's only you, the one that I've chosen. Even my tears, even my little smiles. Do you know? They all come from you. Because I make you worry so much inside you're looking old, don't say such things. No matter how I look at it, there is absolutely no one in this world who is beautiful as you are (and don't think otherwise). I don't know why you keep staying with me. I'm sorry because I fall short to you. Believe me, I'll treat you well. Baby, let's never break up. Oh my lady, I really love you. Shawty , it's only you, the one that I've chosen. Even my tears, even my little smiles. Do you know? They all come from you. Even though ' I have no one but you '  sounds so predictable, how else do I show you my heart? Even during the times we fight, even during the times we are so mean to each other, doesn't your heart already know? You and I have all the good things. We see together, eat together, hear together, cry together, laugh together, our days together are beautiful. Thank you for believing in me so that I won't collapse, standing by me and protecting me, really thank you. Baby, let's never break up. Oh my lady, I really love you. Shawty , it's only you, the one that I've chosen. Even my tears, even my little smiles. Do you know? They all come from you.

We thank you and love you. Always 

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120728 Hangeng's second solo concert fanaccount

Hangeng's second solo concert fanaccount :

Sapphire Blue in Hangeng's concert

"2years,I miss you"

I see alot of Hanchul lightboards

  • HanGeng’s mother sits between the lightstick green.
  • He cried and then he pointed to the Sapphire Blue Ocean saying “It’s been 2 years, I miss you!” 
  • When he was singing “Let me love, let me love” the screen showed a fan holding Hanchul sign 
  • His Mom held Sapphire Blue Lightstick.
  • He pointed at a HanChul sign & said “I,Hangeng,by your side” 
  • Geng: people come here with the boyfriend? -Fans: no ~-Geng: all single? I am having trouble already. 
  •  He’s just on a plaque HanChul HanGeng, and said: “I always beside you”, for the song “Dancing Queen” Had 12 people for supporting him, a total of 13 people on stage have gatherings 
  • Geng: “still a song that I’ve sung today. I wish you and sing with me. “And everyone sang together in some people at the top, his mother and his aunt Geng waving lighstick green.
  • staff in HanGeng’s Conrect said: “he was crying a lot before conrect took place several hours while preparing, Geng told is” Super Junior is forever whether 20 or 30 years later, please wait for us, Super Junior would be to stand on stage with 13 member. “so to should the fan doesn’t need worry.” 
  •  At the concert end alot of fans cried.

Source: zhozokim , ELFISHics , 李摩卡,丹丹淡淡 , 花落GCELF_thoughts
Credit : To the owner

" I miss him so badly ! And i don't know why i'm teary when i read he said he miss us..mean Super Junior and ELF .. No words can described how i feel right now.. I really hope that he will comeback to us and performing with oppars again . Yes, i will never stop hoping for that. I will wait for you oppa, trust me. It's not an END,but an AND . No matter what,i will always support Hankyung and SJ . Let's never break up ! :) "

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Donghae Facts

1. When Donghae was born, his dad and his brother were playing badminton outside of their house.

2. He’s a crybaby.

3. He’s the NG king in their movie.

4. Donghae who is quite weak in health, often loses sleep at night. Sungmin who lives with him would fall asleep easily at the count of three, leaving Donghae to roll and flip around in bed trying to fall asleep.

5. Donghae used to play at the public bath house with his friends, using the bathhouse like a swimming pool, thus making all the ahjusshis(uncles) there angry.

6. One of his dreams is to conquer America and go to Disneyland.

7. He loves kids and puppies^^

8. When Kibum first came to korea, donghae was the 1st person to hug him and welcome him.

9. Donghae has a very cute lip biting habit.

10. Donghae is really afraid of Shindong’s snoring, and his loud breathing while sleeping scares him too. Its almost impossible to sleep at night, for him.

11. Donghae also hates to eat alone.

12. Donghae wants to name his son/daughter Bada(sea).

13. Donghae is scared of ghosts

14. Donghae likes to play around with HeeChul

15. Donghae and Yunho from DBSK group came from the same town

16. The reason Hae disliked pink was because Sungmin’s wardrobewas opposite his bed (all Sungmin's stuff is pink colour heheh)

17. Hae never takes that bracelet off his left wrist. his mother apparently gave it to him.

18. Soft-hearted and thinks alot.

19. He often forget his hat, cellphone or similar items. he would look high and low for his hat, when he already wore it. once he was chatting with another member on the phone and said: “i forgotten my phone, i’m gonna go up and take it.”

20. If someone tells him he’s short, he’ll definitely go online and search for ways to grow taller and drinks only milk and soy milk.*kekeke

21. He’ll turn into a beast if he’s on stage preforming 'U'. When he had eyes contact with the members, they’ll think that his stares is so not human.

22. If he has a girlfriend, he’ll like to give her a tour around his hometown, Mokpo, and let her know the place he grew up in.

23. When he was small, he played games with his friend that needed them to be divided in groups. Whichever group that he is in, will always lose in the game.

24. He likes the feeling of being protected, being cared for. & because he’ll feel lonely easily, he never eats alone. He needs to have someone to eat with him.

25. Donghae really admires those taxi drivers and public transport drivers. Not only because his father used to be a taxi driver, but also because he himself will feel tired and aches all over after driving for half an hour and thus find those people impressive as they can drive all day long.

26. He’s not really good at searching things online. He doesn’t really even know how to use ‘Naver’ to search. Thus he doesn’t like going online, not to mention shopping online too.

27. Name: Pinocchio (his nickname given by Heechul)

28. Hobbies: To listen to Cinderella’s ( HeeChul ) gossip

29. Blood type: A

30. Motto: Let’s not get scorn from others!

31. Favorite cookies: PokaPoka~chip

32. Lee Dong Hae had an older brother, named Lee Dong Hwa (exactly handsome like Donghae)

33. Dong Hae stayed at Mokpo after he was borned

34. The reason why Donghae wants to be a singer is because he wants to fufill his dad’s dream of being a singer, he wants to do something proud for his dad.

35. When Donghae first entered into SM as a trainee, the 2 person he knew were Xiah Jun Su from DBSK and Lee Hyuk Jae (Eun Hyuk)

36. Nickname : East Sea or Donghae Bada / Fishy

37. He had an English name, Aiden Lee,

38. He’s closed to Jung Yun Ho from DBSK, as they were not only from the same hometown, but were really closed during their pre-debut days, they stayed together with Hee Chul too. The 3 of them had a name, The Ddabbong Brothers. Hee Chul really dote on Dong Hae a lot.

39. Donghae disliked skinship as he will became really shy.

40. His ideal girl will having a nice collarbones, a shoulder length of hair.

41. He said that he hates celebrating his birthday. Because when his birth day , Super Junior went somewhere to perform. He was looking forward to 12 o’clock to come when all his members would give him presents but they all were busy doing their own things, making him so sad, so every time they talk about birthdays on air he would always complain^^

42. The best place he likes to keep his savings in, is the water dispenser bottle (why not elsewhere?^^)

43. Donghae always wears a silver bracelet on his wrist, it was given to him by his mother so he never takes it off.

44. During the 3rd year in elementary school, the teacher wrongly accused Donghae of taking away the attendance book & punished him in the teacher’s office.

45. He once promised his father that under any circumstances, he will not drink alcohol.(goodboy^^)
46. No matter how much he eats, he will not gain fat. Whenever he feels like he had gain a bit of weight, he’ll exercise. And the first place to slim down is his face.

47. Since he hates to eat alone, Donghae often sits in other members’ to wait for them to be done working so he can go eat with them.

48. Donghae is very affectionate so his methods of waking up the other members are to either pad their butts or go hug them out of bed.*yeah nice method, keep it up^^

49. Donghae wanted to become a singer because he saw Boa Kwon. who is the same age performed on stage and thought she was inspirational.

50. Donghae cares for his Donsaengs very much, when KyuHyun was in the hospital, Donghae was the one that visited him the most.

51. His name is Donghae. “Dong” as in east. Hae” as in sea.

52. He is cute when you see his silly side.

53. He sometimes tells nonsense stories to make people happy.

54. He looks cold-hearted, but is actually a very warm-hearted, nice person.

55. When his hyung (older brother/male) is in an upset mood, he will cook noodles for them.

56. When he jokes with his hyung, he will not use formalities

57. He often cried when he was on the phone with his parents. He is now trying hard to hold back his tears.

58. When his father was sick, he rushed over to see him.

59. When he received his first place award for the first time, he said, “Father, I hope you’re healthy.”

60. He loves to watch movies, especially foreign movies like Titanic

61. He loves seafood. 

62. When he is with Eunhyuk, he is very playful like a puppy^^

63. He likes it when others call him a prince.

64. Eunhyuk & Donghae = Eunhae. But because he is afraid that Siwon will be mad, he created Eunshihae.

65. He said he is very happy that he is part of Super Junior

66. born October 15, 1986 in Mokpo, Jeollanam, South Korea (he has his own dialect)

67. Donghae resided on the 4th storey of a small apartment. everyday after school, he would press the bell of his neighbor’s house (1st storey) and run away, until he got caught once. *hahahaha

68.  Donghae is Eeteuk(leader) favourite dongsaeng

69. Joined SM Entertainment after he won first place on the 3rd SM Youth Best Selection Best Outward Appearance in 2001

70. Was in BoA’s Key of Heart video. As a cyborg.

71. Doggy’s name is Bada.

72. Sub-group Super Junior M.

73. Height: 175 cm

74. Weight: 60 kg

75. Hobbies: Dancing, Watching Movies, Sports, Singing

76. Lee Donghae likes Song Hye Kyo a lot, he’ll watch her dramas repeatedly on television and if the Princess (Heechul) wanted to switch channels, he’ll shout “Hey! Kim Heechul!”, and switch the channel back
77. When Donghae sits for too long, he’ll unknowingly use his arm to hug his right leg

78. “Aiden” is an English name Donghae gave himself

79. He doesn’t understand why when he autographs for someone, that person will thank him, he feels he should be the one thanking, thanks to all who loves SJ

80. Donghae liked to store his money in a bucket *what?hihi

81. When Donghae was 21 years old, he was already thinking being a father and he said he’ll name his children “Lee Tian Kong” (Lee Sky), “Lee Hai Yang” (Lee Ocean), “Lee Yun Duo” (Lee Cloud) *hahahahaha

82. Donghae cares for Henry a lot because when Henry first joined SM, he did not have a lot of friends, just like himself.

83. Chinese Name:  Li Dong Hai

84. Real Name: Lee Dong Hae

85. Family: Mother Kim Kyang Suk, Older Brother Donghwa, Father-deceased. 08/08/06

86. Hobbies: Dancing, Exercise, Singing, Watching movies

87. Education: Myongji University

88. he wanted to become a professional athlete (soccer) but he had also always loved dancing for his father.

89. In 7th grade, Donghae asked his father if he could audition and his father replied “yes” while slipping some money into his hand.^^ Donghae fortunately passed but was forced to move to Seoul and leave behind his family in Mokpo.TT_TT

90. In 2001, Donghae won first place along with Lee Sungmin (Super Junior) in SM’s Youth Best Contest for Best Outward Appearance.

91. Donghae debuted on November 6, 2005 on SBS Inkigayo in Super Junior performing their first single “Twins (Knock out)”

92. When Super Junior won the Best Rookie Award for their song “U” in 2006, Donghae’s speech was made out to his father. He began to shed tears while saying his thank you’s to his father who had passed away just a few months earlier.T_T

93. Donghae’s favorite colors are blue and black

94. He believes that he is the most popular in Super Junior. He had even put his pictures all over the kitchen, making Eunhyuk jokingly say that he couldn’t and didn’t like to eat in the kitchen because he had to look at Donghae’s face (on the wall). *omo haha!

95. Donghae has 2 pets, both maltese dogs. He has stated in the past that his favorite breeds are maltese and Yorkshire terrier. He named his dogs after the sea (Bada) and Romeo from Romeo and Juliet (Meo).

96. When Donghae was younger, he would stand on the balcony and throw coins at the cars below.*kekeke!

97. On radio broadcast, Donghae said that Eunhyuk has the nicest lips. Especially in the morning when he wakes up. *omo how come? haha!

98. Once, while shooting a commercial with Siwon in Thailand, Donghae had finished his shot and was waiting in the car for Siwon. He then asked if they could hurry because he wanted to go back to the hotel and watch cartoons. *hahaha!

99. Donghae and Eunhyuk used to share a room. They lived next to a shopping mall. Donghae complained about wanting to go shopping with Eunhyuk who was secretly sneaking out at night shopping by himself. Eunhyuk later said that going out with Donghae attracts too much attention.

100. Ryeowook said that if he was a girl, he would want to marry Donghae.*Donghae is mine!^^

101. Donghae’s first love was a noona who broke up with him saying that he was burdensome, leaving him heartbroken.T_T

102. When in China, Donghae always calls the fans his “dear babies (sweethearts)” Though he isn’t fluent in Chinese, he says that he knows how to talk to girls in Chinese.

103. Seems as though Donghae cannot touch other peoples’ electronics in fear that they will break, but he loves his own laptop very much.

104. Donghae’s greatest wish is to have his father watch his concert just once.

105. Donghae gets upset whenever Eunhyuk doesn’t talk to him, and it leads to many petty arguments. Once Eunhyuk had a small secret and refused to tell Donghae what it was until Donghae told the driver to stop the car and got out. Eunhyuk then apologized and told Donghae what the secret was.

106. Kyuhyun says that he loves Donghae but when they are together it feels like Donghae is the dongsaeng. *yup, Kyuhyun looks more mature than Donghae^^

107. Donghae, however, spent one whole year without any friends after being accepted into SM. He was very introverted at the time and didn’t have any friends from Mokpo. Until he met Yunho. The two are now close friends.

108. Before he debuted, Donghae was afraid of airplanes so he never joined in on the three school trips to Jeju Island during high school. *hahaha!

109. Donghae likes kissing Ryeowook’s cheek because he thinks that Ryeowook is cute. *omo sweet!

110. Donghae loves to play pranks on the other members, especially the younger ones.

111. Donghae once broke Ryeowook’s laptop with all of his music compositions. Ryeowook got really angry and told Donghae that he could no longer touch his things.

112.Donghae is the role model of Henry Lau, who stayed late at night to imitate the dance routines Donghae has just performed.

113. Donghae played Henry’s wooden violin, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Baa Baa Black Sheep, English ABC’s).

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EunHae Facts II

I hope you will enjoy this eunhae facts :)
  1. Once when Donghae was in China, all the members video called Donghae. Eunhyuk was crying and told he missed Donghae.
  2. When Super Junior M’s Zhou Mi was writing to fans, he mentioned the fishy couple arguing, meaning Eunhae.
  3. Donghae leave a message to Eunhyuk : Eunhyuk..saranghae… then Eunhyuk replied : Ya! stop publishing our love!!
  4. MC asked if she could kiss Donghae, Eunhyuk denied and said “Donghae’s lips belongs to me!”
  5. Hae never paid attention to manga but he decided to try it cause Hyuk always sounded extremely excited when he talked about it.
  6. The song for Kangin “a short journey” was composed by EunHae.
  7. In Karaoke game, EunHae they cheered up themselves by shouting “EunHae fighting!”
  8. Hyuk asked Hae “Why are you here?” Donghae’s answer was “Iwant to see you.”
  9. Before debut, Hyuk and Junsu came up with a plan to make Hae cry. They told him that when he becomes famous they won’t matter to him anymore. Hae got so upset that he cried in the bathroom.
  10. Eunhyuk talked to MC and didn’t pay attention to Donghae so he said “You can only listen to me.”
  11. Sungmin said “Donghae keeps kissing Eunhyuk,I’m starting to suspect something. When Hyuk is sleeping Hae secretly crawls into his bed and hugs him from the back and he acts like he’s going in to his room to wake him up but later we find out that they’re hugging and both sleeping.”
  12. In Intimate Note, Hyuk was alone in the waiting room. He asked if Hae was there, but the staff said that he was outside and Hyuk immediately went out to meet him.
  13. When Eunhyuk was asked who is the member that is closest to him, he said, “No matter what, the first is Donghae, who’s the same age as me.”
  14. Hyuk always teases Donghae by saying “We’re only colleagues! Not friends” then Hae gets pissed off and hits him.
  15. Donghae said that the nicest lips among SJ members isEunhyuk’s when he wakes up.
  16. And now my favorite. Hyuk: You keep taking everything away from me! Hae: I never took myself away from you!
  17. EunHae got ranking 9 of Mnet best Boy Couple.
  18. Donghae joined cyworld because of Eunhyuk while Eunhyuk joined Twitter because of Donghae.
  19. Donghae said that when he had something in his mind, he will ask Eunhyuk what he should do.
  20. Eunhyuk said that during practice, when he is tired, he only has to look at Donghae to feel energized once again.
  21. When Heechul or Kangin bullies Donghae, Eunhyuk would always be there to protect him.
  22. Donghae loves teasing and abusing Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk just takes it, making Donghae does it more.
  23. Donghae always stand near to Eunhyuk when they are in the same show.
  24. Donghae always smiles when he sees EunHae banners.
  25. Donghae gets jealous with EunTeuk everytime he sees them.So, when sees them together, he suddenly sticks along with them.
  26. Donghae doesn’t like to be alone, so Eunhyuk always accompanies him.
  27. Donghae put his photo with Eunhyuk’s mom in his wallet.
  28. Eunhyuk’s dad is EunHae shipper.
  29. EunHae went to the Olympus Fansign together, the reporter also talked about the EunHae couple on the news.
  30. During the game, MC said that EunHae was really closed to each other, when hitting, they filled their love in to it.
  31. [PC Bang Chat] Eunhyuk talked to MC and didn’t pay attention to Donghae so he said “You can only listen to me”
  32. [KM Adonis Diary] Eunhyuk asked Donghae “Why are you here?” Donghae’s answer was “I want to see you”
  33. After Eunhyuk still didn’t pay attention to him, so he said that “I can’t live without you, I don’t want to be alone.”
  34. [EHB ep.4] Eunhyuk was chosen to be MC, at the beginning of his introduction Donghae said “You are so cute, very cute”
  35. [Wish Tree Fansign] Donghae showed the picture of Eunhyuk when he was very young to a child.
  36. [SJ Mini Drama] Eunhyuk as a team’s leader had to choose members to join his team, his first choice was “DONGHAE”
  37. [060117 Super Junior Show ep.7] Leeteuk called Eunhyuk and Donghae “EunHae couple”
  38. What EunHae use to call each other in their cyworld is “my love” and “your love”„ see how close they are!
  39. EunHae born in Tiger year, Eunhyuk wants Donghae to call him “hyung”
  40. Eunhyuk once drive to Mokpo for Donghae
  41. the choreographer for Donghae’s solo “Beautiful” in SS2 was Donghae himself, together with Eunhyuk.
  42. Eunhyuk and Donghae spent their nights together with Michael Kim for EunHae solo song “I wanna love you” SS3.
  43. Eunhyuk and Donghae spent a whole night alone in the hotel in Jeju island because Leeteuk who was with them had to go back to Seoul , Eunhyuk said they didn’t sleep that night because Donghae wanted to see the sun rise , so they played cards and chatted the whole night but in the end Donghae fell asleep on the couch because he was too tired . Eunhyuk though who wanted to make Donghae happy stayed awake to wait for the dawn and when the sun finally begun to rose he woke Donghae up and they watched it rise together .
  44. When elfish fans consulted an astrologue to make a detailed personal chart for Donghae, (for his 20th ’s birthday ) they also asked him if he could tell them who among the other super junior members was the most compatible ( astrologically speaking ) with Donghae , and it turned out that Eunhyuk was the most compatible , not only that ,but the two charts were judged to be EXTREMELY compatible.
  45. When SuJu arrived in china , the airport was filled with fan banners of all kinds but Dongahe only smiled happily when he saw the HyukHae/EunHae one.
  46. Hyuk to Hae: “Donghae, thank you for your birth. I’m really thankful that we met in SJ. We are together now. We’ll be together in the future.”
  47. Hae to Hyuk: “Anchovy!! -I love uuuuuuuuuuuu- Son of God Lee Hyukjae!! (Your love… Lee Donghae)” – comment on Hyuk’s CY 100405
  48. During Boom Boom, Eunhyuk took off his clothes. When it was Bonamana time, he didnt have enough time to wear it back. He danced topless. Then Donghae went over and put Eunhyuk’s clothes over Eunhyuk. And “helped” him to wear. Eunhyuk went one side to wear it then returned back to dancing.
  49. During personal Item introduction, Eunhyuk asked if he should give his pillow to the fans. Donghae says “that pillow is mine!”
  50. During Donghae’s intro of personal item, he got a picture of sapphireblue sea. He says SJ belongs to ELF. Teuk asked him who does he belong to, Hae said softly (almost whispering) Eunhyuk’s.
  51. The 2nd fanmeeting later that afternoon, Siwon’s turn to whack Eunhyuk. He whacked super hard. After whacking, Donghae ran over and hug/wrap his hands around Eunhyuk’s head. Like heartpain. Note: siwon and donghae is a team. Donghae was supposed to punish Eunhyuk’s team.
  52. There was one part where Eunhyuk and Donghae were on this thing and the staffs were pushing them from 2 ends towards each other. When they “met”, they naturally hugged!

Source : Tumblr

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EunHae Moments

Hai..I've read about Eunhae's moments and i'm wanna share it with my beloved fandom --> ELF :)
Are you ready to read it?? Here we go !

1.Once when Hae was in China, members made it a video call. Hyuk was crying because she missed him.
2. Once when Zhoumi wrote to his fans, said he was with “the couple fish” referred to Eunhae.

3. Donghae left a message saying Eunhyuk: I love you. Eunhyuk yelled “stop publishing our love.”

4. A MC asked if he could kiss Dong Hae. Eunhyuk refused and said “Dong Hae lips belong to me alone.”

5. A Dong Hae was never interested in manga, but began to read to see Eunhyuk always talked excitedly about them.

6. The song “a short journey”, in honor of Kangin, was composed by Eunhae.

7. When in karaoke, dare saying “Eunhae fighting” between them.

8. Once, before a surprise visit, Eunhyuk asked, “What are you doing here? Donghae said, Because I want to see. 9. Eunhyuk and Junsu Hae spent a joke, he got up and went to the bathroom. When Eunhyuk went for him found him crying.

10. Eunhyuk was talking once with an MC, not paying attention to Hae, he grabbed her and said “you can only listen to me.”

11. In the words of Sungmin, Donghae Eunhyuk loves to give kisses.

12. Dong Hae goes every morning to wake Eunhyuk, hugs her back and falls asleep with it some more.

13. While recording a program Eunhyuk did not know where Hae. It did not stop seeking until he told where he was.

14. Eunhyuk asked who his closest member. He replied “It’s always Dong Hae, he always will be.”

15. Donghae Eunhyuk always hits when he says “We are not close! Not even friends! “

16. Hae Dong said the best lips in the group are “Jae Hyuk when you wake”

17. Eunhae was chosen as the best partner for the MNnet, with a score of 9.

18. Donghae Cyworld joined by Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk joined twitter for Dong Hae.

19. When Dong Hae have problems, Eunhyuk always go to for advice. 20. When Eunhyuk is very tired, you just need to “look to Dong Hae to be filled with energy” (exact words).

21. When Heechul and Kangin bothered Donghae, Eunhyuk always protected him.

22. A Dong Hae loves teasing Eunhyuk. And when he does not complain, Dong Hae never tires of bother.

23. If you are in the same program, Dong Hae is always placed next to Eunhyuk.

24. Dong Hae always smiles and picks up the flags to put “Eunhae”.

25. Dong Hae gets jealous when he sees the Eunteuk, so if you are with them, or gets in the middle comes alongside.

26. Dong Hae is afraid of loneliness, can not stand being alone, so Eunhyuk accompanies him everywhere.

27. Dong Hae is the picture of Eunhyuk’s mother in his wallet.

28. Eunhyuk’s father said “I Eunhae # 1 fan! Eunhae is real! “

29. Once, during a program, one of the journalists who referred to them as a couple.

30. One MC said “really are very close, as a couple, you can see how they look with affection, love …”

31. When Eunhyuk was chosen to be MC for the first time, Dong Hae said “You are very handsome, really handsome.”

32. Leeteuk was the first to refer to them as “the couple Eunhae”

33. When sending messages via mobile or cyworld (before), are called “love” or “honey.”

34. Are of the same year, but Eunhyuk Donghae loves to call him “hyung”. Donghae does it for him.

35. Eunhyuk has traveled to Mokpo several times just to “feel worried” to Donghae.

36. One night, in Jeju, Dong Hae fancied see sunrise. Eunhyuk spent w/ him all night playing cards.

37. Eunhyuk forgot the birthday of Dong Hae. Said crying “is the person surrounded me. How could I forget? “

38. Eunhyuk wrote a letter saying “Dong Hae, due to be born, to enter Super Junior.. We will always be together.”

39. Dong Hae message “Anchovyy! i luv u! Son Jae Hyuk Lee of God (your love, Lee Dong Hae) “

40. In a program, separated Eunhae for pictures, half of the session did move them all to be together.

41.LeeTeuk asks Eunhyuk and Boram about his scandal. Eunhyuk replied that usually has two scandals: Xiah and Boram. The fans denying it, they said that DongHae too. So what Eunhyuk said to DongHae it was no scandal, for they were dating for real.  {Kiss The Radio Concert

Source: Tumblr
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The reason of super junior's awkward atmosphere in dream team and inkigayo some time ago.

Kyuhyun: During the 5th album's activities, just after inkigayo's recording. There was about 3~4 hours before the actual broadcast so the people who wanted to go back to the dorm went back to the dorm, the people who wanted to play stayed at the waiting room to play, the people who wants to sleep, slept. I had some extra time so I went to the church and received a very meaningful preach. If someone did something, you should do it back. If someone smiles at you, you should smile back. It was such beautiful words so after it ended, I ran back to the waiting room in the broadcasting station. When I went into the waiting room, teuk was lying on the couch with a blanket over his face, hyuk and donghae was pouring water into the bottle cap and hesitating whether to pour the water on teuk's face. I wanted to play with the members excitedly so I went over and told them "hyung, I will do it". So I went over, poured the water on teuk and hid. So teuk flared up and shouted "who was it?!" I heard Donghae saying " wasn't me". Teuk then shouted "Then was it you?!" and I heard a loud bang sound. Then I heard someone saying " wasn't me too.." so I was wondering what happened. When teuk shouted "who was it!!" again, I stood and and said "hyung, it was me". To say it in a more refined way, teuk said "you, this brat..." and he hit my head. After hitting me, he turned around...took a deep breath, turned back and said "you, this bad brat" and hit me again. All the staff in the room turned and look. After getting hit, I was thinking.."this isn't it". When teuk left the room I followed him. He went to the toilet and looked out of the window. I went up to him and said "hyung, shouldn't you not do this no matter what? No matter what kind of mistakes I made, how could you do this to me?". Because my tears were really about to fall, I turned around. Teuk said "kyuhyun-ah, im sorry..lets talk". I said "I don't feel like talking to hyung right now" and went upstairs. After 30 mins or so, I cooled off and went back to the waiting room. When I walked past the stairs towards the waiting room, teuk was sitting there. I could only see his back and the leader's small shoulders... anyway, I tolerated and went straight to the waiting room. I sat on the chair, not talking to anyone. After a little while, teuk came in and said "Kyuhyun-ah, if we receive a award later on, you can say the thank you speech~". I should have said "okay hyung" but I went "no I'm not doing it". After saying that, I started thinking about what I should say for the thank you speech. So we really got the award and I prepared lots of touching things to say. I'm not sure how teuk felt but since he apologized, I was prepared to say a touching thank you speech and resolve everything beautifully. But teuk pushed me aside and gave the mic to hyuk. Hyuk took the mic but weirdly, hyuk's expression wasn't good too.. I didn't know why. After a stereotyped speech by hyuk, I wanted to speak but at this time, the mcs started to do the ending. 
Hyuk: Actually, going back to before everything that happened. Kyuhyun went to the church and victoria and luna was supposed to do a special stage with us but luna injured her leg and went to the hospital. After that, the atmosphere wasn't too good. At that time, teuk wanted to make the atmosphere better so he said "kids, play a joke on me". So we played a joke on him. After a little while, teuk got tired so he laid down with a blanket over his face. This Donghae didn't have sense...he really didn't have sense. At first, he poured the water into the bottle cap and poured it on teuk. Teuk removed the blanket from his face and said "stop it~~" while smiling. But I was sitting at the side, observing and teuk's expression wasn't exactly smiling. So I simply sat there and told donghae "donghae-ya~don't do it don't do it" and this kid didn't have sense and once again! poured the water on teuk's face when he covered the blanket back for the 2nd time. When he removed the blanket the second time, he had a serious look on his face and said "I said stop it". Donghae finally grasped the situation so he was thinking whether he should do it or not for the 3rd time and at this time, Kyuhyun came in. Seeing that it was quite fun, Kyuhyun did it and ran to hide. So after the 3rd time, teuk really flared up. He stood up, came to me, stroked my head and pushed it and went "it was you right?!" so I cried and said "hyung, it wasn't me..". At that point, I was thinking.."does Teukie hyung think that I am easy to deal with?" So i was having a mental breakdown and wasn't feeling very happy after being falsely accused. 
Teuk: Actually, there was a story before that time, the jokes played on me were rather harsh. It was so bad that they even tried to take my pants off. Victoria was there but they tried taking off my clothes! 
Hyuk: Even at that time, it was the senseless Lee Donghae.. 
Teuk: They kept playing jokes on me like this... 
MC: Did you remember all those, Victoria? 
Victoria: I remembered..   MC: Why did you stay in the waiting room until the end?! 
Victoria: At that time, Luna went to the hospital and I was just sitting around. When they took out his clothes, I simply turned away and did not look.. 
Teuk: My pants nearly came off..because we are all guys so we usually play offensive jokes. So before that, I tolerated all the jokes played on me and finally, I told them "okay~ now that you've played jokes on me, I am going to sleep" and put the blanket over my face. After a little while, it felt like some water fell on me. At first I thought it was saliva. I started to worry and wonder if I should get angry. When the water came down for the 3rd time, I took the blanket away and thought it was Eunhyuk who did it. I looked at Donghae and he was far away and Eunhyuk was right in front of me. I took my blanket and threw it at Donghae.."Was it you?!" Donghae was laughing at first but after that, he said "hyung, it wasn't me!". I turned to look at hyuk, who was covering his mouth with his hands. It looked like he was laughing! Eunhyuk was the culprit! So I hit Eunhyuk and he shouted back at me "It wasn't me!!!" So in the midst of all these, I turned and saw Kyuhyun standing up..."Hyung, it was me". At that point, with that large smile and "it was me", I lost all my rationality. I went up to Kyuhyun and hit him, saying "Are you sound-minded or not?!". After I left and went to the toilet, I regretted and cried. "Why did I do that"..Kyuhyun came in and said "Hyung, you can't treat me like that..did you know how much I thought about hyung?" After hearing that, my heart hurt even more. My tears kept flowing and told him "Kyuhyun-ah, just go". Because I still had pride so I told him to go. He left while crying. I went to the car and thought "how should I undo this?" This was the biggest crisis and the team might even break up. This can't do so I went and found Kyuhyun at the balcony of the building. Kyuhyun was looking up at the sky, crying. So at 5m away, I called out to Kyuhyun "Kyuhyun-ah~". Kyuhyun suddenly replied "I have nothing to say to hyung". Because the time to the live broadcast got closer so I told him "Kyuhyun-ah, even if you don't look at hyung, we have to do the broadcast would be good if you do the thank you speech today if we get the award". While we are preparing for the live broadcast, I saw a certain somebody at the back. It was eunhyukkie. Just 15 minutes before the live broadcast, I finally realized that I wronged Eunhyuk and I should apologize to him. Then I thought that I should make Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk do the thank you speech later on. So I went to eunhyuk and told him "Eunhyuk-ah, if we receive an award later, it would be good if you do the thank you speech.."..he replied "why me? Why do I have to do it?" 
Eunhyuk: For 2 hours, I was alone 
Teuk: Anyway, I told him that he was going to do it and the live broadcast started. When we got number 1, the atmosphere was so awkward. I passed the mic to eunhyuk and pulled both him and kyuhyun to the center or the stage. So eunhyuk did the thank you speech very hastily and the encore song started. When the song started, I went to the front of the stage and shouted "thank you everyone!!!!" and "We are super junior!!" but the rest of them (was just clapping with a unhappy face). Some of them were looking at the floor and some of them had hardened expressions. So I tried to cheer up the atmosphere alone.. 
Shindong: my part is the most important part..To be honest, the person that cried the most that day was me. 
Kyuhyun: Thats right thats right that right 
Shindong: That day, I was really sleepy so I was sleeping in the waiting room. I sprang up suddenly after hearing Kyuhyun getting hit. The atmosphere was weird! The funniest thing out of all was that the manager was filming everything down! So after watching the video, I really don't know who was at fault so I went to each of them to console them. I kept consoling them!! Even before we went up the stage, I told them "We are pros! Lets show them our pro image!" So we went up the stage and got number 1. Immediately, I turned to Donghae and the rest of them and started telling them to smile but no one cared about me. Suddenly, I wondered what I was doing so I started to flare up. After the live broadcast ended, we went back to the waiting room. Seeing the members, I really flared up. There was a box in front of me so while shouting vulgarities loudly, I kicked the box. I wanted to show that I was angry. "Just what are you guys doing?!" The biggest mistake that I made was that the box was a Styrofoam box! When I kicked, the box broke and the white stuff flew all over. The funnier thing was that there was water in the box 
Teuk: There was cola in the box! 
Shindong: The cola flew out and sprayed all over Yesung-hyung! 
Teuk: The Yesung that was quietly sitting there suddenly flared up! To Shindong..he shouted "what are you doing now?!" 
Shindong: Yesung hyung didn't do anything I replied "ah that wasn't it.." and kept crying. Because we had a schedule after that, we had to film dream team. I was thinking that when I go for that filming, I will forget everything..  Hyuk: When we got first place at dream team, it was touching and I even crying, saying that when I was running, I really thought of the members... And after I got first place, we all hugged each other and realised we were okay once again.   Source : Strong Heart
Apa Pendapat Korang? Cer cite cer cite ツ

Siwon cartoon's at 10 years old

Siwon's father told the picture drawn by Siwon when he's 10 years old . Cool !! :)
Apa Pendapat Korang? Cer cite cer cite ツ

Heechul Quotes

  • Because I am Kim Heechul.
  • Because I’m so cool.
  • If the eyes are close, of course you can’t see anything.
  • Hey, “Jin Xi Che”~that’s me right? Whoa, why am I so popular ㅡㅡ;;
  • In Korea i need to work even harder.. actually I’m great in Asia.
  • I will try and live with freedom without opposing any principles.
  • From the debut, Kangin’s always been really popular amongst women. In contrast I’m popular amongst men.
  • My beauty never loses anywhere.
  • “I tried living as a very nice person, but there’s no need to be nice .. you have to be mean to survive”
  • If there were no me, everything would be over for me~
  • I’m grateful for being born on Earth.
  • Since I’m already so good-looking, I do not need to see girls who are pretty.
  • So being with me will give the person a sense of achievement. (since he’s difficult to understand)
  • I felt hopeless but did not lose my smile.
  • Because I’m not tall, I don’t compete in height. Instead, I develop other talents because I’m someone who gives up easily.
  • Before I debuted, there were people who tried to attract me. I will ask them directly: Do you like me? If not, be careful of your actions!
  • I can please girls so well.
  • My voice is too sexy.
  • Its not my fault that I look this way.. (talking bout that his girlfriend’s friend kept telling her that heechul is way better than his girlfriend)
  • MC: Do u have any nicknames because of your looks? Hee: (I) often hear people saying i look like a life-sized doll..
  • No need the lights. i myself will shine
  • I was able to participate in lots of programs because of my pretty looks.
  • I love those people who love me.
  • I am pure but I am not weird. The one who is weird is YOU
  • I felt that I am the best in China!
  • I wanted to buy a red car too but later on, thinking that if I really get a red car, it is like I am promoting, “I am Kim Hee Chul.”
  • Being introverted isn’t really me. It damages my title, the world star. Let’s be myself, Kim Hee Chul. Let’s be cool!
  •  We have many members, there are many times where we are apart, but i hope we can cherish the times we spend together. Even if there’s only a minute. Even if we are so busy that we are unable to meet. I still hope the members can enjoy the happy times together and comfort each other during hard times.  [Hee’s 3jib part]
  • Because there’s only one person like you in the world, so a lot of people like you. [Hyung Manager to Hee]
  • Heechul pose is like a piece of art. [Kyuhyun to Heechul] BITC
  • He doesn’t live his life with a normal brain. [Kangin to Heechul.]
  • He is very tall but he’s a very kind and cute buddy. [Heechul to Zhoumi]
  • I thank god for letting me (to) meet a person like Heechul-hyung. [Siwon to Hee]
  • Listener: Today is Donghae’s birthday, will you be calling him?    KHC: Yup, Will call him again later and will tell everyone if there’s anything funny.
  • KHC: I changed my hairstyle specially for you. But I think if I date you, it will be difficult.                                            Beige: Why? KHC: Because I will think I’m kissing Ryeowook. So sorry.    Ryeowook told me to date you and I lectured him. Almost cried. [Heechul to Beige]
  • Heechul dongsaeng…. What’s wrong with you. You have to be careful too, don’t keep taking (things) off. [Yesung to Hee]
  • I like to pick on Donghae’s not-funny-jokes.
  • Heebon: “Start from Donghae, share the way you maintain your good mood!”    Hae: “Arghhh..My way is to torture Eunhyuk…..”    Heechul: “This is called, one willing to hit,and one willing to be hit.”    Hyuk: “After Donghae torture me, I will go find Shindong hyung to torture too.”
  • I’m often with Donghae now, in the future (I) will also be focusing on Kyuhyun.
  • Being alone is happy, being with strangers is also happy, so it doesn’t matter anymore. [Hee to Kyuhyun]
  • HeeChul hyung is really special. Very special. So I spent lots of time to change him. [Donghae to Hee]
  • Donghae is scary.
  • Hee Chul hyung has a soft heart. Although he looks strong, he is really loyal. A very kind person. [Donghae to Hee]
  • Everyone, DongHae is crying, hurry go online and search Donghae’s tears. He is really crying.
  • I do acting, but Super Junior is my eternal home.
  • Because of the popularity, at one time I wanted to drop out of Super Junior, but now it’s an important name, one I couldn’t shake off if I tried.
  • The only person who touch my shirts and shoes is Donghae, this fellow is really lawless.
  • Ryeowook is the culinary master. Donghae is the master of mutiny (destroying things.LOL)
  • Our dorm doesn’t have a sofa
  • Among the members, Donghae loves Korea the most
  • Our Siwon has a great body, and on concerts, he will take off his clothes. But still, he say, “should I do some training?” Manager say “No need good enough!” And I will say, “What you have said made people don’t feel like living.”
  • Siwon is a CHEESY MONK.
  • Q: ” Which one of you is more popular? (Leeteuk or Heechul) Heechul: We’re both well-known. We’re both really popular.
  • We(with Leeteuk) don’t fight that often. If we did, it’d be bad. If we fight, that will uproot the pillars of Super Junior. NO ONE CAN STOP US.
  • Although I’m same age as Teukie, he’s really a very good leader! There’s nothing he can’t do well.
  • Despite the hard times, thank you for smiling always. Heechul to Leeteuk
  • Oppa, to ask you to be gentle and kind to women..ㅎㅎ It’s simply not possibleㅎㅎ [Yoona to Heechul]
  • There’s nothing else you can do! You make women too tired. [Hankyung to Heechul]
  • Words that can’t be said between men and will break angry dreams into pieces, just like a scene out of a fanfic
  • I know and I believe in love at first sight.
  • Someone tell this to my baby, to my baby that i’m here.. That i’m waiting. [Bonamana]
  • I don’t like going close to girls. So I like girls who come close to me.
  • I’ve never thought any of the girls I know is pretty.
  • Normally when they say who in the company is pretty, I think they look average when I see them.
  • I am actually very pure. I just need the girl to be punctual.
  • Because I’ve not met the girl I like. So I’m always with guys.
  • I like it when girls say “Oppa, I want to meet you”, I will meet her immediately.
  • Hugs solve quarrels easily.
  • If she wants to break up with me, i might kiss her.
  • Girls always like bad guys. But after they are together, the girl will realize the guy is REALLY bad.
  • I can please girls so well.
  • I’m not scared of ghosts but I’m afraid of girls who are younger than me. Because they will cry without any reason.
  • Although I look very fierce most of the time, I’ve never hit a woman.
  • If I have someone I like, I really don’t know how to confess.
  • What I need to learn is not rap but falling in love. [ Hee to Bora]
  • Ah I should also meet a wise wife that would approve of me and would be able to make me smile..’ The problem is when will it be.. If I only look for someone as great as Asuka then I won’t be able to do it for the rest of my lifetime.. Compared to women I still love WoW more..
  • I will just treat it as I married my fans.(referring to the fact that he still doesn’t marry and his classmates are.)
  • At times, I do see girls using chopsticks as spoon or knife. Really amazing!
  • I always say to my parents I’ll bring a girlfriend but I will go back home alone. Then they will ask, “Your girlfriend?” Reply: “Broke up long ago”.
  • Putting on a pair of heels is really difficult! Even put insoles is tiring! We must give applause to all the ladies!
  • Heechul said from YS, If you are 17 now, then he’ll will wait for you for ONE MORE YEAR to be his girlfriend.
  • Don’t play a prank on the girl, else, you are really bad.
  • When girls younger than me call me “Oppa”, the feeling is good.
  • When I’m in a relationship, I say whatever I think.
  • You really have to be brave when you’re in a relationship.
  • Guys should never hit woman no matter what.
  • No matter how big a mistake a woman make, a man should not hit her, even if he really wants to, he can only do it with mouth.
  • As a man lives his life he needs to have some loyalty.
  • I said I’ll be here, waiting..
  •  You can only play a fool for your whole life. [Jay to Heechul]
  • Hyung, don’t get married ━ you’ll only be busy with your divorce. [Donghae to Heechul]
  • Oppa, you’re better off being alone ㅎㅎ [Sunny to Heechul]
  • Hyung, if you get married, I’ll sing you a song of blessing. [Kibum to Heechul]
  • Many friends of mine got married already. Me… I will just treat it as I married my fans.
  • Cos I can’t get a girlfriend, my parents are anxious. Mom & Dad be patient. In 5 months, I will get a girlfriend. 2 years later, I will get married.
  • I am preparing to get married! Although I do not know who the person is…
  • I am able to get married with a fan. I am already so old.
  • Heechul: Hey, “Jin Xi Che”~that’s me right? Whoa, why am I so popular ㅡㅡ;;
  • Fancy or not, whichever, as long as I can be with best friend in the whole world. Wait for me. [Hankyung to Heechul]
  •  I cant even look at her face, if i dont look at her face i can do anything. [Hee to Sohee]
  • If I have someone I like, I really don’t know how to confess.
  • In Hee Chul-hyung’s room, there are many photos of Sulli. Stalker, Stalker. [Donghae to Hee]
  • Sohee’s photos are special because my fans sent them to me, not that I have crush on her.
  • I want to become like hyung. [Taemin to Hee]
  • My ex girlfriends always commented that I do not care about them. Well for me, I hang around and play with Yoona & Sulli only because they are like younger sisters to me. I hope they will not misunderstand.
  • Once, Jessica sent a message saying: oppa why are you prettier than me? But now that you are older, you should become more manly.
  • He is still not normal, he have to change more. [Jessica to Hee]
  • Jessica really don’t like cheerful style, she prefers dark side, with 4 walls enclosing her. Compared to sun she prefer moon, compared to fire she prefer water.
  • My life is a historical drama. My family’s television doesn’t work. We live by the drama. (when asked by JGS if he ever acted on a historical drama)
  • Ah, Heechul hyung.. really.. you really shortened my life. (Jungmo to Hee)
  • HEE: Male and female can never have friendship. SANGCHU: Then what are those female friends of yours? HEE: LITTLE BROTHERS.
  • Mithra is absolutely my style! I like guys with beard!!
  • Even so, we are not alone, we have our SM FAMILY and ELFs, don’t we? (Heechul’s line in SUPERMAN)
  •  If I fell down and got hurt, I won’t cry or making a big deal about it. Instead I keep it to myself and went home.
  • You never really know with life, just like how right now everything is unknown..
  • You don’t have to care about others, as long as you do your own things, seriously there will be harvest..
  • If one eye is open then (you) can see many things.  If both eyes are open you can see everything..
  • What have been done in the past.. What have been seen in the past… What have been lived in the past… Must do it happily!!
  • All my friends are important.
  • “I tried living as a very nice person, but there’s no need to be nice .. you have to be mean to survive”
  • Destiny always leads to the right path. [Twins]
  • Don’t settle for an ordinary life.  [Twins]
  • You’re not just a small dot in this world to get it! [Twins]
  • I know and I believe in love at first sight.
  • Hugs solve quarrels easily.
  • Bad students are scary when they gather together. The best solution under this kind of situation is to keep away.
  • You must admit your mistake and make the effort to start anew.
  • If a character like me didn’t have respect as a foundation, it’s easy for me to be hated.
  • If you want to shit around then go to your own bathrooms.
  • Life’s really meaningful.
  • No matter what people say we are still us..
  •  He has a good sense of humor. He is also very caring. He always puts other people first before himself. (Hongki to Hee when asked what is Heechul’s charm)
  • Being mad is good!
  • Don’t play a prank on the girl, else, you are really bad.\
  • Time isn’t something just fly by, time is something to be filled up.
  • If I don’t start by trusting the fans, then everyone won’t have a reason to open their hearts to me.
  • Even though I don’t have love, I have friends and fans with me.
  • Me? I’m dating all the fans.
  • “Your fans(Petals) are kind of scary, haha. Maybe because they’re like you?”  [Hyung Manager to Hee]
  • I’ll be forever on your side.. [Heechul to Elfs]
  • I don’t like receiving presents but I like giving presents.
  • Many friends of mine got married already. Me… I will just treat it as I married my fans.
  • I think I’ve turned you all into perverts, I’m sorry
  • I will just treat it as I married my fans.(referring to the fact that he still doesn’t marry and his classmates are.)
  • Going to oversea for performance,if whichever country’s fans treat me nicely, I will have a good feeling with that country.
  • I wanted to receive candies, all year round, 365 days.
  • My fans are not fans. They are Petals.
  • The girl, who I secretly like for a long time, became a fan. Got so thrilled just by thinking about it. In fact, I am able to get married with a fan. I am already so old. If a fan come, I will take a look. Thinking, who knows, a fan,  which I have known long ago, will appear and I felt that, i can get married with a fan. What do you all think?
  • I am able to get married with a fan. I am already so old.
  • My fans were all of my ideal type!
  • 7years later, I think I will live happily with rabbit like kids and fox like wife. I can be your fox Heechul oppa ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • I will come back!! Stay healthy. Heechul to Petals
  • I’m really thankful for showing me unchangeable love for the past 6 years.
  • When Super Junior first debuted, our fans are called ELF. But I thought I must think of something else. So I called my fans petal and I’m flower.
  • Flower cannot do without petal and petal cannot do without flower.
  • Even so, we are not alone, we have our SM FAMILY and ELFs, don’t we? (Heechul’s line in SUPERMAN)
  •  I spend my time playing on my own.
  • Other than being lonely, i was always been forgotten by others.
  • I heard some rumors of Heechulie hyung.. (is) born stiff..ㅎㅎ Hongki to Hee
  • My inner heart has never relaxed, is always in anxiety (worrying).
  • In every exam (you) will dream of getting 100. But 100 isn’t that easy to achieve just like you are dreaming..
  • Because the Earth is round, so if I frequently go around, all the kids in the world will meet
  • I buy people whatever they want,and I cry when I drink alone.
  • Nobody knows about his identity, age, and his actions. Nobody knows about it. [ Hee referring to himself.]
  • Although i was happy. I was suffering.
  • I don’t like receiving presents but I like giving presents.
  • Because I’ve not met the girl I like. So I’m always with guys.
  • If I receive a text message from an anonymous, I will ignore.
  • I feel that people I don’t remember are not important people.
  • I’m doing funny things for no reason when I’m too embarrassed.
  • I never fight at school. I’m a model student, I only know how to study.
  • I love to watch horror movies a lot. I will switch off the lights and hug my cats while watching the movie. I’m not afraid as long as my cats are there.
  • Sometimes, Donghae comes in when I’m watching movie. He will look at me and say: A pervert indeed.
  • Other trainees were scared of me, especially female trainees. Because I was wearing a wig, and my clothes were flirtatious .
  • I have never felt that I am a devil.
  • If I sit there and do nothing, I’m afraid that I’ll be isolated by the rest.
  • “I’m different from the others since young, my thoughts were also unique.”
  • I only have 2 scandals and none is true, and even if they are real, i cant be saying it did happen, right?
  • When I acted as Lady Hee Hee, I have to wear heels, BECAUSE IT’S SEXY.
  • “Children will never lie, they cry when they see me.” >_>
  • Korean idols are really a problem. I am a problem too, so if everyone can be harmonious, banning me is ok too.
  • My heart is aching. Hope everyone can stay strong.
  • For the sake of moistening the lips, honey is good. Apply of other product is good too. But why not get a boyfriend or girlfriend and use their lips to moisturize it.
  • I don’t like sapphire color but I am perverted
  • I want to be free, so I do my best with my responsibilities
  • There’s nothing I’m not satisfied with. I’ve been leading an enjoyable life recently.
  • DJ: “What are some of your troubles recently?” Heenim: “The 2 empty years for every guy in Korea..”
  • I will come back!! Stay healthy. Heechul to Petals
  • I don’t want you to wait for me, but if you are willing until then, you can like me again as i begin a new heart (or life).
  • Even at the time of my absence, I believe Super Junior will be well-guided.
  • I learned to give comfort to others, to be cheered, to be thankful to those who love me & that I’m not the best, but not the worst, either.
  • I plan to develop myself to be better, and I want to say ‘thank you’ to everyone who gave me so much love.
  • I was worried a lot about training at KATC because of my injured knee, but I enjoyed training with other recruits.
  • Although I received a lot of fan letters before I came here, receiving fan letters as a recruit feels so much different.
  • I thought of my family and Super Junior members too, while I was marching.
  • Sohee’s photos are special because my fans sent them to me, not that I have crush on her.
  • I never thought that stars look so pretty. By looking at night sky, I had lots of thoughts about my loving friends and relatives.
Goes to people also who worked out really hard to translate Heechul’s news, cyworld entries, kiseki messages and some random stuffs and those who upload Videos related to Heechul.
Source: Heechulfacts
Edited/Compiled/Written by Wella@Heechulfacts | Mimi@Heechulfacts

Apa Pendapat Korang? Cer cite cer cite ツ

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