110828 Inkigayo prerecording fan account

This isn’t really in order, just what I happen to remember at the time! ^^

- Right before prerecording, we spotted Sungmin at the window talking on the phone and just looking outside. He didn’t have his sunglasses at this time and looked so handsome! He was with Prince Manager and someone else who waved, but I didn’t catch who it was, it may have been Wookie (see next part) After talking on the phone he put on his mic with the help of the lovely Prince Manager ^^

- Ryeowook was either napping or resting by the window for a long time before prerecording. I didn’t see his face, but I knew it had to be one of the members. He was laying on his side with his back facing the window, so everyone ignored it thinking it was a staff member resting. lol. I only spotted it because the shirt was red and white striped and so I remembered it and then when I saw Ryeowook at the prerecording with that shirt on…. yeah. ^^ He must be tired from the Musical + live stages!

- Boys were really playful today, Teukie looked a bit sad though, but still, as he is the great and caring leader he is, he communicated and smiled to ELF asking if they were tired, what time we arrived, if we had eaten and all that stuff. Kyu and Wookie looked a bit tired as well, but later they were goofing off too ^^.

- Sungmin kept bending over just a bit and then feeling his thighs… LMAO.. at first I was like.. what are you doing? But I realized he was testing out how tight his pants were… lol.. and then I saw a couple of the other members doing it as well.

- The part where Eunhyuk was breaking the glass on the ground, He was trying to come up with a cool dance move to do, and while waiting Sungmin did this cute little jump and ELF screamed and Eunhyuk looked at him first like.. what???? but then tried it and ELF screamed and then he did it again more cutely and we went insane. hahaa.. too bad he didn’t do that for the official recording. lol

- ELF shouted for Donghae as he had a slight limp as he walked to his chair. Heechul came over and for some reason Donghae wrapped an arm around Heechul’s leg… haha… it was short and cute and had the fans going crazy. lol

- Waiting to record again, Sungmin walked over to Donghae’s chair and tried to sit, but had issues so walked away.. but then Eunhyuk came, sat with the cheers of all ELF and did some dramatic posing making everyone scream. Sungmin comes back and tells him to get out, and then has difficulty sitting down again and almost gives up, but then Shindong comes and sits on him, and then Hyuk sits on Shindong, Yesung sees this and comes to sit on Hyuk, and then Wookie joins in and sits on all of them.. lol.. Wookie then gets up and tries to push the guys around, but then they quickly got up. lol.

- Every time the staff would say stand by, the members would make some sort of comment that made fans giggle, one time Eunhyuk was just clearing his throat and so ELF copied him and it made him laugh, it was cute

- They did a practice run, recorded but stopped because Eunhyuk had some issue (Wookie pointed at him, I guess to place the blame on him before they started the next recording.. lol) and did some more recordings trying to figure out when the best time to take Donghae’s chair away. after that, they some rehearsals of the dance break with the lights on the floor so eunhyuk can test out when to do his dance moves to fit with the breaking of the glass effect - and then they finished with one more recording with just the camera up high recording a birds-eye view of everything.

- Eunhyuk was so cute when he messed up the rehearsals for the dance break part, the members made fun of him espeically when he made like a “whoooo” noise after messing up. ^^

- Sungmin was in a really good mood today.. I was a bit sad to see him in sunglasses again, but his smile made up for it! There was a part where he went and stood behind Teukie inbetween takes. ELF shouted and at first Teukie was out of it, just standing there dazed and then noticed that when he took a step Sungmin followed and ELF cheered, so they did that for a while and Teukie was pretty good at tricking Sungmin.. lol, it was cute. I think Teukie was going to try doing it to Sungmin but it was time to get ready again.

- Shindong came out at one point to play with Sungmin’s mic, and then made some comments about Sungmin’s glasses and ELF were laughing a lot, Sungmin teased the fans a bit with acting like he was taking off the glasses and then he finally took them off and he looked so cute, but had to squint with one eye to look at the fans fully. Hope his eyes recover soon!

- Yesung and Heechul were whispering things to each other and even held hands at the beginning of the pre-recording.

- I don’t think I ever saw Yesung NOT smiling throughout the whole recording today, he looked so cute lol.

- Shindong played off the who is more handsome thing between RW & EH haha and chose RW, Wookie was getting all shy laughing loudly and then covering his face with both his hands in embarrassment, it was so adorable. lol

- Wookie laughed a lot, even right before they were about to film again all of a sudden we heard Wookie’s loud laugh through his mic and everyone laughed.. not sure what the members were saying to each other before then!!

- There was one part where Yesung and Wookie were standing next to each other and Wookie looked at Yesung’s shiny pants.. I’m not sure what he said, but all the members and ELF cracked up laughing and Yesung was like ??? And stood there just looking at his pants with his hands out. haha… Wookie laughed loud and then hugged him for making fun of him. lol

- Every now and then Kyu will break out into song with GOD’s “Lies” having fans sing the “kajima” part to Heechul, later on Heechul joined in on the singing T___T

- At the end, ELF kept on shouting Kim Heechul’s favorite chants, Heechul thanked everyone ^^

- The boys talked a lot and ELFs laughed a lot… I didn’t understand a lot… T___T but still, it was fun to experience the fun communication between the members and fans. <3 ^^

- There are still so much more that happened, but I can’t remember at the moment, if I remember more, I’ll make seperate tweets about it. ^^ Thanks for reading all this blabbing!

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