Kyuhyun confesses “Fall in love at first sight and chasing the woman of his dreams”

[110823/NEWS/Super Junior Kyuhyun confessed, "Fall in love at first sight, chasing the woman of his dream."]
Super Junior Kyuhyun recently attended Strong Heart recording and told the story of his love experience.
Kyuhyun talked about his first time falling in love at first sight with someone, saying “I believe in fate and of course I thought I met someone who was destined to be mine.” And then he added, “Even though I debuted for a long time, it was my first time asking a phone number from someone.”
Kyuhyun wanted to follow the drama ‘Lovers in Paris’, said “I wanted to potray something like what happened in the drama ‘Lovers in Paris’ too, but of course drama and real life are two different things.” gaining laughter from the audience.
This episode of Strong Heart will be broadcasted on August 23rd, at 23:15.

Source: My Daily
English Translation by @celstarz for @raichanxd only

[Trans] 110823 Siwon and Kyuhyuk Twitter conversation updates 

1. @siwon407 조규현 – 7년간의 사랑! 참 애절하면서 오늘같은 가을날씨와 잘 어울리는곡.. 원곡도 너무 좋지만 규현이 또한 자기만의 스타일로 잘 소화시킨곡, 감정이 와닿고 느껴지는 곡이다.
Trans:  @siwon407 Cho Kyuhyun – 7 years of love! A song that’s so yearning and also so fitting to an autumn winter like today.. The original song is really good as well but it’s a song that Kyuhyun also managed to make it his own with his style, and it’s a song that I can feel the emotions from.(trans by @SJ_matket)

2.  @GaemGyu : @siwon407 영광입니다 최시원님
Trans:  @GaemGyu : @siwon407 It’s an honour, Choi Siwon-nim.(trans by @SJ_matket)

3. @siwon407 :   @GaemGyu  제가 영광이죠. 좋은추억 만들어주셔서 감사하네요. 기유~~~~
Trans: @siwon407 :   @GaemGyu It’s an honour to me. I thank you for providing me with a good memory. Gy~uuuuu~~~~.(trans by @SJ_matket)
Credits: welovechoisiwon

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