110823 Kyuhyun’s full story about his love experience at Strong Heart [TRANS]

“I’m one who does believe in destiny, falling in love at sight … like, when i’m at a traffic light or on the subway, i would get nervous … just in case … there was a time after my accident when i regularly visited the hospital for treatment. and one of the nurses caught me eye. it was the first time in my life i’d been attracted to someone, so i thought, oh i should do something about this … it wasn’t a long time after debut, but i was still an idol, so it took a lot of courage for me to do such a thing. but i went up to her and took my phone out, asking whether she could give me her number. and for three seconds, she just looked at me. three seconds is really long, you know? she replied after that hesitation ‘no sorry i can’t tell you’. and then one person next to her whispered to her, and other people were getting interested, so i thought ‘oh this isn’t right’ and i walked away after that. but i thought, this isn’t like a man to walk away my first time. so i made a plan through the drama ‘lovers in paris’. there’s this scene where the male lead keeps asking the female to go with him by taking all of the numbers where she works in line … so i thought i just do it too. i took about ten numbers, and asked her ‘do you remember me’ and she said ‘yes, i do’ … and her eyes wavered; they did. so i thought ‘oh it’s going to work’ … but then she looked at me and apologised ‘sorry, i have a boyfriend.’ and then one day at a fansigning, i saw her. and i wondered, ‘had she broken up with her boyfriend and asked if we could date … because this is the only way she could have seen me’ so my heart was pumping so hard … but she was in the line next to mine … eunhyuk was sitting next to me. i couldn’t believe it. (eunhyuk: *lounges back* a man needs charisma). and she introduces herself, saying ‘hi i’m so and so’ and i was so shocked. if it was siwon i couldn’t have said anything … but it was eunhyuk. from that day, i decided not to believe in destiny.”

Translated by: stanningotps.tumblr.com
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