Yewook Facts

1.  Yesung's roommate is Ryeowook, so they called Yewook couple2.  There is one member of super junior ask Ryeowook, why Ryeowook can be Yesung's roommate..
      In personality, Yesung is so weird. This is the facts:
        - Eunhyuk is very lazy if he enters Yesung's room, because he said Yesung's room has different aura...
        - Siwon also said, if Yesung stand behind you, cold aura will come...
3.   Ryeowook always kiss Yesung's hand.
4.   Between member of super junior KRY, Ryeowook closer with Yesung.
5.   This is the admission from Super Junior's members:
         - Ryeowook is a mother figure in Super Junior
         - Yesung is a weird member in Super Junior
6.   Super Junior's member often complain, why Ryeowook never disturb Yesung.
7.   Eunhyuk is the most lazy if related about Yewook couple.
8.   Changmin (DBSK) ever confused about the relationship between Yesung and Ryeowook
9.   Yesung likes Ryeowook's speak style. He said Ryeowook is very innocent person.
10. When Yesung talked to Ryeowook, his gaze eyes are different.
11. Yesung more laugh when he sight Ryeowook's behavior.
12. Ryeowook often helps to clean Yesung turtles cage.
13. When Ryeowook's birthday, Yesung is the first person that congratulate Ryeowook.
14. When Yesung's birthday, Ryeowook not be the first to congratulate Yesung, so he always daydream.
15. Ryeowook will be silent when the other talked about Yesung.
16. Yesung's favorite brother is Ryeowook.
17. When Ryeowook cry, Yesung will smile..but a moment later, Yesung will cry too.

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