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FACT 1: EunHae went to the Olympus Fansign together, the reporter also talked about the EunHae couple on the news.
FACT 2: During the game, MC said that EunHae was really closed to each other, when hitting, they filled their love in to it.

FACT 3: EunHae got ranking 9 of Mnet best Boy Couple

FACT 4: [PC Bang Chat] Eunhyuk talked to MC and didn’t pay attention to Donghae so he said “You can only listen to me”

FACT 5: [KM Adonis Diary] Eunhyuk asked Donghae “Why are you here?” Donghae’s answer was “I want to see you”

FACT 6: After that, Eunhyuk still didn’t pay attention to him, so he said that “I can’t live without you, I don’t want to be alone.”

FACT 7: [ UFO Messages] E.L.F. Sent “Sorry, but KANGTEUK is the best” then Super Junior sent back “isn’t it EunHae?”

FACT 8: [EHB ep.4] Eunhyuk was chosen to be MC, at the beginning of his introduction Donghae said “You are so cute, very cute”

FACT 9: [Wish Tree Fansign] Donghae showed the picture of Eunhyuk when he was very young to a child.

FACT 10: [071208 ETN Music Diary ep.1] Donghae showed the picture of him and Eunhyuk’s mother.

FACT 11: Donghae told that when he had something in his mind, he will asked Eunhyuk what he should do.

FACT 12: [060816 Super Junior Mini Drama] EunHae won best couple award from this show.

FACT 13: [SJ Mini Drama] Eunhyuk as a team’s leader had to choose members to join his team, his first choice was “DONGHAE”

FACT 14: [Hello Chat] MC(female) asked if she can kissed Donghae, Eunhyuk denied and said “Donghae’s lip belongs to me!”

FACT 15: [Super Junior Show ep.10] In Karaoke game, EunHae they cheered up themselves by shouting “EunHae fighting!”

FACT 16: [060117 Super Junior Show ep.7] Leeteuk called Eunhyuk and Donghae “EunHae couple”

FACT 17: what #EunHae use to call each other in their cyworld is "my love" and "your love",, see how close they are!

FACT 18: EunHae born in Tiger year, Eunhyuk wants Donghae to call him "hyung"

FACT 19: the song for Kangin "a short journey" was composed by "#EunHae"

FACT 20: one of the couples that got most supports from ELFs is #Eunhae

FACT 21: Eunhyuk once drive to Mokpo for Donghae :)

FACT 22: the choreographer for Donghae's solo "Beautiful" in SS2 was Donghae himself, together with his best friend Eunhyuk

FACT 23: Eunhyuk and Donghae spent their nights together with Michael Kim for #EunHae solo song "I wanna love you" SS3

FACT 24: Eunhyuk's dad is also #EunHae supporter [WIN!!]

FACT 25: Donghae put his photo with Eunhyuk's mom in his wallet

FACT 26: Heechul and Kangin like to bully Donghae. This has always make Eunhyuk defending Donghae

FACT 27: Donghae joined cyworld because of Eunhyuk while Eunhyuk joined Twitter because of Donghae.

FACT 28: Eunhyuk and Donghae spent a whole night alone in the hotel in Jeju island because Leeteuk who was with them had to go back to Seoul , Eunhyuk said they didn’t sleep that night because Donghae wanted to see the sun rise , so they played cards and chatted the whole night but in the end Donghae fell asleep on the couch because he was too tired . Eunhyuk though who wanted to make Donghae happy stayed awake to wait for the dawn and when the sun finally begun to rose he woke Donghae up and they watched it rise together .

FACT 29: Donghae never paid attention to manga before but he decided to try it because Eunhyuk always sounded extremely excited when he talked about it , he became a big fan of dragonball and they recently mentioned this on sukira

FACT 30: When elfish fans consulted an astrologue to make a detailed personal chart for Donghae, (for his 20th ’s birthday ) they also asked him if he could tell them who among the other super junior members was the most compatible ( astrologically speaking ) with Donghae , and it turned out that Eunhyuk was the most compatible , not only that ,but the two charts were judged to be EXTREMELY compatible. (Y)

FACT 31: When SuJu arrived in china , the airport was filled with fan banners of all kinds but Dongahe only smiled happily when he saw the HyukHae/EunHae one
FACT 32: Eunhyuk said that during practice when he is tired he only has to look at Donghae to feel energized once again
FACT 33: On a radio show, when discussing who among the members has the nicest lips. Donghae was quick to say, “Hyukjae’s when he wakes up.”

P/S: if there's any other facts which you guys know, feel free to comment and i'll add them in ;D
Hyuk to Hae: "Donghae, thank you for your birth. I'm really thankful that we met in SJ. We are together now. We'll be together in the future."
Hae to Hyuk: "Anchovy!! -I love uuuuuuuuuuuu- Son of God Lee Hyukjae!! (Your love… Lee Donghae)" - comment on Hyuk’s CY 100405

1. During Boom Boom, Eunhyuk took off his clothes. When it was Bonamana time, he didnt have enough time to wear it back. He danced topless. Then Donghae went over and put Eunhyuk’s clothes over Eunhyuk. And “helped” him to wear. Eunhyuk went one side to wear it then returned back to dancing.

2. During personal Item introduction, Eunhyuk asked if he should give his pillow to the fans. Donghae says “that pillow is mine!”

3. During Donghae’s intro of personal item, he got a picture of sapphireblue sea. He says SJ belongs to ELF. Teuk asked him who does he belong to, Hae said softly (almost whispering) Eunhyuk’s.

4. The 2nd fanmeeting later that afternoon, Siwon’s turn to whack Eunhyuk. He whacked super hard. After whacking, Donghae ran over and hug/wrap his hands around Eunhyuk’s head. Like heartpain. Note: siwon n donghae is a team. Donghae was supposed to punish Eunhyuk’s team.

5. There was one part where Eunhyuk and Donghae were on this thing and the staffs were pushing them from 2 ends towards each other. When they “met”, they naturally hugged!

 Donghae : Eunhyuk’s someone who i can't  explain in word
  Eunhyuk : Eunhae is real."은해

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