SuJu Funny Facts

One of a fan gave Heechul a cat so when Kibum saw it.He named it
HEEBUM.When hanhyuk heard it,he ask how come his name wasnt included?So
they added his surname,it became HAN HEEBUM.In the end member of TRAX
wanted his name inside too,so they added a J inside.It finally became
HAN J HEEBUM.They said that its name sounds like a JAPANESE CAT:)
went on a tv show talking about his experience getting dumped from a
girl he like during his debut.However the girl did not tell heechul
that she has a bf.She finally told Heechul when he was already deeply
in love with her.At that time Heechul said this to her “If you are by
his side,I will not be lonely.But if you are in trouble remember that I
will always be there for you.”The girl however did not end with Heechul
nor the bf instead she went with another guy that asked her out after
Heechul. sad.gif

He always say that being a singer is God’s will.This is because when Kibum was living in
America,he went to church every week.And on one of thw week after
service,he and his grp of friends went to eat spicy
ricecake.Unfortunately on the way there he lost his way.And thats when
he met one of the SM person that asked him to join.(AINT HE LUCKY?)

Kangin had a unforgettable experience once in school.One summer,he sat in
front of the fan.He started opening his mouth and making the ARH
sound…so he said he finds it interesting and funny.So he started
playing.Suddenly,a fly flew in his mouth(HAHAHAHHA)He said it was so
accurate that it was stuck in his throat.He had a hard time spitting it
out(EWWW)He never dares to try this again.

Because of the limited space they have in the hostel and he was the last to
join Super Junior,he didnt have a bed,I think he sleeps on the
floor(like those you sees in drama)So once they went to KTR,he told the
fans and within that 2 hours,the fans sent in messages saying that they
want to buy him a bed so he can sleep comfortably,this made the manager
got a shock.And so they went to buy a bed the next day.Feeling proud of
having a bed finally,he took pics of the bed and posted on the net:)

There was once when Ryeowook and Sungmin went to Kangin’s radio show.Everyone
was chatting happily expect for him.Sungmin felt it immediately and
sadly that he thought todays live was open to viewers so he style his
hair dressed and makeup but unfortunately today they are not going to
open to allow viewers to see.When everyone heard it,they laughed so
hard until they almost cried.

Before debut he was very close to Xiahjunsu and eunhyuk.So one day after
training,eeteuk being the oldest decided to treat the both of them to
buns.However he only had money for 2,so he thought maybe they 3 of them
can share 2 buns.So when the train was here,eunhyuk and junsu said
hyung gdbye took the buns and board the train,leaving eeteuk staring
back at them blankly.He thought that he could share but they left

He said that he hates celebrating birthday.Because last year Super Junior went somewhere to
perform.He was looking forward to 12 o clock to come when all his
members would give him presents but they all were busy doing their own
things,making him so sad,so everytime they talk about birthdays on air
he always complain.

Once when Kangin was sick,the next day he still needs to go on shows.He was so
worried about Kangin,he wanted to tell Kangin that HYUNG IT IS HARD ON
YOU FIGHTING.So decided to sit down and talk to him before saying that
sentence but after talking for 30 mins,he was too shy to say,so he kept
in his heart.

He loves pink like mad.Whenever he buys something he will not see the design as long is
PINK he will buy.Sungmin changed his phone cover to Pink.Once Sungmin
decided to have a change of style and not wear pink,but when he open
his cupboard he realized that most of his clothes were pink,he gave up
in the end about changing his style.

Everyone thought he was the most quiet member of the group but it is totally
different under cam.All the members calls him naggy yesung.There was
once there was an interview when yesung talked for 2 hrs,in the end 90%
was cut off.Yesung was angry but finds it funny too and he said IS IT

Before debut,he work a lot of different kinds of jobs.One winter he wanted a
hand phone so badly.But his parents wouldn’t buy for him cause it was
expensive st that time.So he worked at a construction site,everytime he
ended work his hands will shake a lot(carry too much heavy
stuff)Finally,he bought his handphone:))

He is always praised about his cooking skills.He was in the hostel cooking
once and he only found onion eggs and rice so he used these to cook.All
the members praised him and asked him what is the name of this dish due
to his poor korean at that time he wanted to say EGG FRIED RICE but
instead he said BEIJING FRIED RICE.So that is how the FAMOUS BEIJING
FRIED RICE come about.

He grew up in a strict family and he is afraid of his father.During his high school
holiday he went to the gas station to work without letting his parents
know.On the 4th day of work,he said normally to every customer PLS DRAW
YOUR WINDOW DOWN and in the car he was serving was his father.He quit
his job the next day.

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