Kangteuk Facts

  •    Kangin ever confide in his radio show about Kangteuk relationship. he told the audience about their date in MyongDong
  • One day when SJ wanted to watch a movie together. Teuk suddenly felt unwell. so Kangin brought him to another place, just a two of them.
  •   Kangin and Leeteuk has been familiar since before debut. they often go out together at night and come home at dawn
  •   On Valentine’s Day, Kangin called Leeteuk by phone on his radio show.
  •   One day SJ were eating in a restaurant, because Kangin’s work schedule he go out early. the weather was not friendly, when Teuk came out he was seen wearing Kangin’s jacket.
  •   During a fanmeet, Leeteuk took Kangin’s hand and said “We are Kangteuk, Kangteuk” he said it repeatedly and Kangin said to him “Yes, Kangteuk"
  •   Kangin called Leeteuk’s mother as his mother-in-law and Teuk’s mother also called him as her son-in-law.
  •   When Kangin was drunk Teuk always quickly pick him up wherever he is, paying all his drink and carry him home
  •   Kangin once said to Leeteuk “Hyung, let me protect you with my whole life” 

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