Leeteuk Facts

1.Leeteuk thought that Yoona got a crush on him because Yoona likes to call and talk to him.
2.If Leeteuk's concert clothes have no white on it then his underwear/socks will be white. He feels odd if he's not wearing white.
3.Whenever teukie buys something, he'll make sure it's white.
4.Leeteuk's bed is all covered with white and so are his furniture. He really can't stand without white.
5.Teukie was really sad when his great grandma passed away because he wasn't there for her. He was away playing with his friends because of that, teukie often feels agitated whenever family is mentioned.
6.Teukie's grandma is the one took care of him since he was born till he got into elementary.
7.Teukie's blood type is A.
8.During trainee times, Leeteuk got scared of SNSD's Yuri because she once imitated the sound of the dinosaurs.(poor Teukie..)
9.Leeteuk's first love was in 3rd year of high school.(who is this lucky girl!!!)
10.Before debuting he used to reply to every message that was left on his cyworld. He would even left movie suggestions if asked.
11.He wants to get married to an E.L.F (I wish that's meeeeee!!!)
12.Leeteuk is also a shy person.
13.His Elmo laugh is very very contagious.
14.Teukie wishes that someday when he get married, all E.L.F's will be present in his wedding.(I wish he invites me on his wedding!!!)
15.Leeteuk is really famous in Malaysia, and he can speak a bit of Malaysian language.
16.Leeteuk is a good example for many KPOP leaders. It's not easy to lead 14 members!.
17.In trainee times teukie usually drops Donghae and picks him up after wards at his school.
18.He is such a supportive hyung, he is the no.1 fan of his dongsaengs.
19.Leeteuk doesn't like making girls pay on a date.
20.Teukie likes to play piano and compose songs.
21.Leeteuk would cry alone on a bus during his trainee days because he was losing hope of debuting.
22.Leeteuk is afraid of being alone to the point where he asked Hyukjae and Ryeowook to sleep with him in the hospital.
23.Leeteuk has a low blood pressure.
24.On stage, he walks a lot and energetic, while in the real life he is much more quiet.
25.Teukie loves looking at himself during KTR brodcast.
26.Leeteuk takes his phone with him into the shower because he only gets about 2 calls a day and he don't want to miss either of them.
27.Leeteuk has his 1st love in 3rd year high school. He gave her 100 roses, 100 crane, 100 pages of love letter, and a ring on their 100th anniversary. (OMO!!! he's so sweet)
28.Leeteuk's 1st kiss (still in high school) in a telephone box, and it's raining. (isn't it romantic i wish i was the girl!!!!!)
29.Leeteuk got glass shards stuck on his back and above his eyes in the accident. He went though a surgery resulting of 170 stitches.
30.In December 2007, Leeteuk started a host of his own show, Leeteuk love fighter. In this show, he helps to solve troubled couples' problem.
31.Teukie was supposed to be joining a 5 member boy band together with Donghae, but the idea is cancelled.
32.Leeteuk's nickname is Angel Teukie/Angel without wings therefore, his favorite color is white.
33.Leeteuk got shot by a stun gun when he was young (poor oppa.. T.T)
34.An adult phone book was discovered in Teukie's room in a T.V. show.
35."We are going to continue until the day PEARL SAPPHIRE BLUE balloons cover the entire WORLD."--Teukie
36.Out of all members, Leeteuk is the only one who has interest in women the most!
37.Leeteuk often sleeps before he performs.
38.Leeteuk does sleep talking.
39.Leeteuk loves rain because he was born on a rainy weather.

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zulaikha95 said...

annyeong! kamu ditag^^

Ieta Madzid said...

@zulaikha95 ouh,okay.. jap lagi sy tgk.. btw thanks :)

mariella princess alarcon said...

wow youre so very greate!! i love you blogsite it rock's my bias is leeteuk too!!!~


Andri Risanti said...

Hai.. salam kenal.. namaku andri asal Indonesia...
sepertinya aku telat banget suka sama leeteuk-nya..
aku baru suka dia setelah nonton 'we got married'...
dia bener-bener romantis.. ^-^

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