[TUTORIAL] How to watch videos that has been “Blocked by YouTube Due to Copyright Restrictions”


Today i wanna  share with you tutorial how to watch video that has been blocked by youtube due to copyright restriction..okay lets go :)

Your country has been blocked because of copyright from SBSi or others corporation? Don’t worry! I will tell you how to solve the problem so you still can see the videos!

1. First, you will have to find the blocked video that you want to watch. It should be like this rite? *look on the pic* then copy the link video address (the blue highlight)

2. Open HIDEMYASS.COM and you will see this page *look on the 2nd pic* Then paste the last link of your url video on the box. Press hidemyass. 

3. Then, click play button. you will able to see the video that has been blocked from your country ^^! Enjoy!  

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anis.farhana said...

sumpah sayang ieta! kamsahamnida! ^^

Ieta Madzid said...

@anis.farhana haha, ieta pun bru tau,trnmpk org post.. sje nk share :)

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