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When "Ice Cream" played » 

Teuk said "i should do (promotion) activity with this song (perform on stage)" 
Hyuk :' just do~(you) do alone" 
Teuk:' do with me~you sing Joo's partㅋㅋ" 
Hyuk :'ah I sing Joo's part?" 
Teuk:' Hyuk & Teuk's Ice creamㅋㅋ' 
Hyuk :'Actually when i was in Taiwan, I recommended and            played this song on the radio~" 
Teuk:'why?' Hyuk:' cuz (you are my) member~" 
Teuk:'ah i should really perform this, i feel sorry to Joo" Hyuk:'feel sorry to Joo or you just wanna sing itㅋㅋㅋㅋ" 

(CR: Jinn8812elf)
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