110621 Happy Birthday Our Eternal Maknae Ryeowook !


Gahh, today is 21stJune2011..Guest what day is today?haha,today is special days to Super Junior Kim Ryeowook! Today is his birthday !! 생일 축하 합니다!!! Saengil chukahamnida oppa >.< wooooo~

sorry because i'm edited this VERY simple :D

Woah,now oppa is getting older :/ but it's okay,because he's still CUTE!
who will always be our eternal magnae..whose voice will always amaze me..whose charms will always shine..
and whose smile will always brighten my day.. you must always stay healthy & happy,best wishes to you oppa..

He's the one of the best voice in SJ, the guy who can cook so well and takes good care of his hyungs and dongsaengs :) Thank you for happily taking care of them. Thank you for being part of 
Super Junior..without you Super Junior will be not as bright 
as now.
Haa,okay i don't know what to say anymore,i don't know why my mind is so blank when i'm thinking of super junior member :D
Here,i made a video for his birthday..
Maybe this video is not the best but actually i just wanna to wish him a VERY2 happy birthday ! hope all of your dreams will come true...and you will continue your journey with SUPER JUNIOR FOREVER!! All the best and i can't wait to see you in the next album(5jib) ^^ I promise to keep supporting you and Super Junior,My love for Super Junior is FOREVER :)
 Love you more~~~ Saranghamnida oppa!

Ryeowook twitter update..
오늘 저의 생일이에요 ^^ 캬캬 우리 형 누나들이 축하해주고 있어요 케익들고 찰칵 뮤지컬<늑대의 유혹>도 많이 기대해주세요!!!!! 아오~~~~ㅋㅋ
Today is my birthday ^^kya kya Our hyungs and noonas are celebrating to me. Took one photo with holding the cake. Please look forward to musical<Temptation of Wolf> too!!!!! 

Everyone's darling eternal magnae with a big voice and bigger heart ♥♥♥
You may be 'growing older' but you'll always be young to us tongue.gif
만년 막내 김려욱, 생일 축하합니다! laugh.gif 
Apa Pendapat Korang? Cer cite cer cite ツ

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