Hi peeps..

Today is Super Junior last stage & last promotion for A-CHA.. But,this is not the END! We will wait for them right? We believe in them right? :')

So today ELF's around the world trending #ThankYouSJ ..to show them how much we Thanked to them for being exist ♥

#ThankYouSJ because of you, I can hear the most beautiful voices,the most amazing moves and the happiest moment in life.
#ThankYouSJ for saying me ur Supergirl and let me know who's my Superman is..
#ThankYouSJ for being like a child and a superman at the same time ^^ for showing me 15 different ways to love 
#ThankYouSJ for your smiles that always make my heart beating faster
#ThankYouSJ For being part of my life and creating miracle to it
#ThankYouSJ for proving to us that WE ARE THE LAST FANDOM STANDING! ♥
#ThankYouSJ for the wonderful memories.
#ThankYouSJ for bringing so much happiness in my life. Ill be forever an ELF, dont worry, I'll be waiting for you 
#ThankYouSJ Thanks for everything!! We WON'T give up because you gave us hope to work harder
#ThankYouSJ for making a great comeback, cheer us up with the new album, and gave us a precious family called ELF
#ThankYouSJ You made ELF smile and laugh♥ love Super Junior♥ thanks for everything
#ThankyouSJ you make me know, Cinderella is can be soldier.
#ThankyouSJ for being my Superman, my Mr.simple, and my shining star. All my love it's you...
#ThankYouSJ for all the love you've given to all ELF.
#ThankYouSJ Your work hard for us just to make us feel happy. you sweat, fall up and down, and force your self just to make us happy..
#ThankYouSJ for being The Last Man Standing in my heart... 
#ThankyouSJ you make me crazy in front of my friends, my parents, etc cause you're amazing
#ThankYouSJ because existing in this world
#ThankYouSJ for make my life so beautiful, and make me have a many friends in the world. ELF~
#ThankYouSJ it doesn't matter how long it will take our time to wait. Only one reason, because you're SUPER JUNIOR :')
#ThankYouSJ because thanks to you I met wonderful people around the world! E.L.F <3 Suju is my soul*
#ThankYouSJ for changing our lives into a wonderful sapphire world. You made us felt whatTRUE LOVE is :)
#ThankYouSJ for all the good times, and the bad times.. the best thing about them is spending all of them with you
#ThankYouSJ for staying strong and smiling for Ever Lasting Friends even though you were in pain :(
#ThankYouSJ Even so I'm far, far away from you~ I'll keep supporting you from here EVERYDAY and FOREVER!! ♥
#ThankYouSJ for always trying to make us ELFs happy, no matter how sad you are you would always put on a smile and not let us worry...
#ThankYouSJ its not the end of your performance, see you at another Amazing Stage , Super Junior 
#ThankYouSJ for the laughter, smiles and tears we shared.
#ThankYouSJ for things can't say in words ♥
#ThankYouSJ ELF always proud of YOU because you've never made us feel disappointed, not even once!! ♥
#ThankYouSJ for our story will never ends
#ThankYouSJ for ur hard work...that can make ELF proud of you!!!! 
#ThankYouSJ for all the good times, and the bad times.. the best thing about them is spending all of them with you.
#ThankYouSJfor giving your smile even if u don't win,coz u're always the best in our mind
#ThankYouSJ for puting your fans above everything
#ThankYouSJ for all of your awesome songs :) for me those are so TOO AWESOME ♥
#ThankyouSJ for all the sacrifice, and for making us feel that all of our sacrifices are worth it <3
#ThankyouSJ no matter where this crazy world take us nothing will ever change us
#ThankYouSJ never being exhausted of waiting for you all. Because you're remarkable idols :')
#ThankYouSJ for being a connector bridge between me and kpop :)
#ThankYouSJ for all the effort you have put in to make ELFs proud of you. We will always be proud of you no matter what! ^^
#ThankYouSJ maybe you're not perfect but as an ELF we always accept you just the way you are
#ThankYouSJ for letting us know that we don't need MR. RIGHT, because we have MR. SIMPLE. ♥
#ThankYouSJ when i think of u i feel LOVE deep in my heart and the HURTS too
#ThankYouSJ for telling me how to respect friendship.
#ThankYouSJ for your greatest performance..for your love for us..for..yeah..everything..thank you..jeongmal gamsahamnida..
#ThankYouSJ for being my light that light me to the right way.
#ThankYouSJ for letting me know that a love may not have an ending, that's ELFs love to you
#ThankYouSJ for born in this world.
#ThankYouSJ for being my WONDER BOYS
#ThankYouSJ our love to you is indescribable :')
#ThankYouSJ because of u,Super Junior i have to pass many happy times n meet many friends (ELF) from diffrent country..^^
#ThankyouSJ for being the guide of my life. Show me how to smile, how to cry, how to be stronger, how to be a beautiful girl by myself, 
#ThankYouSJ u become older brother figure to me,although I didnt have a old brother.so I can feel how loving brother figure
#ThankYouSJ for being a soft pillow where i can cry on it and hug it when i'm afraid
#ThankYouSJ for giving your best in what ever you do and always putting your fans above everything else. Proud to be E.L.F.
#ThankYouSJ for being my mood-booter ,teach me how to love ,show me a wondeful friendship ,and your constribution in music industry ♥
#ThankYouSJ cause ur songs can be my lullaby, and spirit ;
#ThankYouSJ to be my best ever motivator in my life
#ThankYouSJ I say this not bcos you'll hiatus.but,I wanna say thank you bcos you all make my life bcome sapphire blue for more than 3 years
#ThankYouSJ for making me laugh even though i don't understand what youre saying ^^
#ThankyouSJ always give us the best performance :)
#ThankYouSJ because you teach me how to saving money
#ThankYouSJ You always give us reason to smile even when there's a thousand of reasons to frown. 
#ThankYouSJ for always there to guide us in every steps that we take
#ThankYouSJ for making me believe about Evil and Angel can together at stage :)
#ThankyouSJ for your new albums! We can't wait for the concerts and also new performances and surprises you will give to us ^^
#ThankYouSJ for such a freaking awesome comeback & promotions. NOW, take enough rest & see you at SUPER SHOW 4!!

#ThankyouSJ A goodbye is never painful unless you'll never gonna say hello again. this is just the beginning
#ThankYouSJ for give us 13 Prince Charming, with bonus 2 Prince Charming too :3 
#ThankYouSJ for everything that you have given Ever Lasting Friends, putting in your best and making us happy 
#ThankYouSJ for making us smile when we're down, for making us laugh when we're sad and making us stay strong for you 
#ThankYouSJ for being like a child and a superman at the same time ^^ for showing me 15 different ways to love
#ThankyouSJ For being my strength When I was weary And for always being by my side I finally say this now Thank you And because of you I’m happy 
#ThankYouSJ for rob my money, my time to sleep, my memory in hard disk..and change it to HAPPINESS!
#ThankYouSJ For being part of my life and creating miracle to it
#ThankyouSJ Twins never ended. Don't don never ended. Sorry sorry never ended. Bonamana never ended. Mr simple never ended. WE WILL NOT END.
#ThankYouSJ To make "Sapphire Blue" to be my top favorite colour
#ThankYouSJ It's not all about winning, it's about the fight that made us through the hard times. ELF & SJ = FOREVER 
#ThankYouSJ We cannot do great things on this Earth, only small things with great love
#ThankYouSJ because of you i believe in the word FOREVER
#ThankYouSJ for changing me into a better person. :)
#ThankYouSJ for all the beautiful songs you sang to us with all your heart -- even if you're tired
#ThankYouSJ for always scolding us whenever we did wrong.. And for always appreciating us for anything we did right.. We know u love us tht much to do tht
#ThankYouSJ bcoz of u we learn the way to protect something precious to us in any ways
#ThankyouSJ for showing us that it's not impossible for and idol-fan relationship
#ThankYouSJ for making us understand what it means to love an idol like you oppadeul ^^
#ThankYouSJ for being my precious in ma mind, dreamlands , heart and also in ma life ;)
#ThankYouSJ bcoz of you i knw the feeling of having big sis and lil sis.. 
#ThankYouSJ i never feel this complete..but after meet u guys for only about a year and a half, i feel so complete. /shed tears/
#ThankYouSJ for your beautiful voice, your gorgeous appearance, your wonderful quotes, your amazing music
#ThankYouSJ For always care to E.L.F and always tell us no to catch cold :")
#ThankYouSJ For being happiness and joy to my life, you're the best group I've ever known. Thank you for your hard work!
#ThankYouSJ For giving me the best love experience in my lifetime..
#ThankYouSJ for working hard for us, i know whatever we did can never enough to pay it.
#ThankYouSJ for everything. for all you've done for us ELF. truly making us feel like family..
#ThankYouSJ for your laughs and smiles. They just make my day pay off.
#ThankYouSJ for staying strong and together all these years. Thanks for thinking about ELF before yourselves
#ThankYouSJ for the time you spend for ELF 
#ThankYouSJ for be the oxigen in this Sapphire Blue World
#ThankyouSJ for make us know, the most funnier man in the world
#ThankYouSJ for making us proud whenever you win awards
#ThankYouSJ for inspiring me to fight and work harder for my goals and dreams !! :)) You boys encourage me to do my best !
#ThankYouSJ for believing us (ELFs) to keep supporting, loving, & protect u guys..
#ThankYouSJ for still smiling infront of ELFs, although we dont know what happened behind ur smile.. :')
#ThankYouSJ cause of you,i have many friends who always share about you and our life
#ThankYouSJ ELF is more than a fandom, it's a family. We lean on each other and without each other we couldn't be. ELF
#ThankYouSJ for always taking photos of ELF.. it mean to us so much..:')

ThankYou..ThankYou..ThankYou Super Junior !! We're very thankful to you..No words can describe how much we are thanked to you.. we owe you,for your kindness..We can't pay for all you've done to us. Sorry oppa, but we can't stop till here..We always be there for you.. Don't be sad because A-CHA didn't win any. Don't hide your pain..share with us,we're family right? But you must remember,even you didn't win, you already win our heart ! You're always be no 1 in our heart.. no doubt :) Believe us oppa ! YOU ARE THE ONE AND ONLY! 
Today was the very last goodbye stage of Super Junior until we see them again.Thank you for all the memories, the good and bad ones, for everything you teached to us, thank you for evertyhing.For the tears and laughs we shared together, for every good and not soo good moments we spent together.Thank you for being Super Junior, thank you for spending almost 6 years with us. And of course much more to come.Thank you for showing us the greatest friendship that exists in this world. For never giving up. For being unique. For following your dreams. For being Super Junior. Thank you Super Junior for doing us proud Ever LastingFriends and changing our lives .We will wait all the time it takes, so see all of you soon
 ♥  기다릴게 슈퍼주니어,영원하자 슈주엘프
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