[251011] Leeteuk Twitter Update

[TRANS] 111025 's Twitter Update mentioning Donghae: I'm now with Donghae at Japan airport! Keke where should we go now?

TRANS:@special1004:Super Junior’s rhythm game!! I heard that it’s already daebak ㅜㅜ I had downloaded it through ipad ㅋㅋ

TRANS:@special1004: New York's beautiful blue babies, E.L.F!!!!^^ Daebak! Thank you and I love you!! As expected....are you watching?ㅋㅋ

TRANS:@special1004: I love you!!!!

TRANS @special1004: SuJu dominate the world!!!! But to me,it seems like E.L.F dominate the world???^^
Apa Pendapat Korang? Cer cite cer cite ツ

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