Forever an ELF !

I'm not going to believe any SUPER JUNIOR DISBAND news until SMEnt confirm it, and when the day come, I believe my life will be destroy BUT I don't think it will happen soon... SMEnt not so fool right? Yes, they never treating our boys fairly but they only care about MONEY right? and SJ & ELF give them that, a lots. Whatever happen later, either SJ will be on a very very long hiatus or maybe disband - One thing I'm sure will never change:

My HEART and LOVE toward SUPER JUNIOR. I'm forever an ELF. I promise them they will be my only group, I believe in them, I protect them from cruel people. There this words ELF create before this, it say "Once an ELF, Forever will be an ELF" right? I will show SJ that ELF is not someone that will easily forget their promise. I believe in a few months or years, some ELF will change but Oppa, hold my words ok? I WILL NEVER EVER BETRAY THE WORDS & YOUR TRUST. I believe in you Oppa and I'm going to support whatever decision you make later because Oppa is my Oppa. Dongsaeng should never betray their Oppa. I ♥ my Oppa.

Cr : Akma Nafeera

I love her spirit..yeah, i will never betray Super Junior..once an ELF,forever an ELF ! :')
We're always support Super Junior no matter what happen now or soon.. Let's be together until the END! I love my second FAMILY so much! Dear SME,please treat my oppa fairly.. seriously they deserve to get a good treatment from you! 
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