Some latest update about SJ

1. Hanteo Singer Award totals up all the album sales from a certain artist, including previous ones, SJ is currently #1 on tht chart with 30k+.
2. kyuhyun, siwon and heechul are all nominated for 2011 MAMA under differenct catagories.
3. Super Junior 슈퍼주니어_A-CHA_Music Video 5,611,386 Views
4. Super Junior 슈퍼주니어_Mr.Simple_MUSICVIDEO 17,555,492 Views
5. LG Elecktronics picks Super Junior & f(x) to be their new endorsement models
6. Super Junior Mr Simple is #1 top selling album in the Philippines
7. This year GDA will be held in Osaka of Japan
8. 슈퍼 주니어 SS3 Album price 20,000 won (about $ 550 ~ $ 600). If you buy from Leesmusic the price is 16,300 won.
9. Hanteo Chart 111018 슈퍼 주니어(Super Junior) 5집 - Mr. Simple: Type B rank 3!!
10. Super Junior was at the TOP at 2011 Singer award hanteo version! 
11. Kyuhyun participates in a song written by Yoon Jongshin titled '늦가을 (Autumn)' it will be released in November 2011
12. Korea's Top 20 Most Wanted Celebrity Boyfriends #3 Donghae #16 Heechul #19 Leeteuk
13.  Mr Simple Japanese Ver comes with random trading card. dvd with 4 versions of the mv, making of, and off-shot footage.
14. Super Junior is now number 1 in Hanteo Chart with 300,301 copies. Fighting! :) (c:唯爱SJ13-ONLYSJ13)

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