281011 Kyuhyun received a threat while having vacation

Kyuhyun shared his experience being alone in the streets of Spain.

Here's the translation of what he tweeted.
: {TRANS} Early morning in Spain.. It was early and i was finding my way to my hotel/dorm which felt like an area that was uninhabited, when suddenly a young man came next to me and started talking to me.. I didnt have a good feeling about this and all of a sudden he takes out a knife and starts threatening me.. I just started screaming and running away and in the end that person just gave up and went back.. People traveling alone, do take care of yourselves ㅜㅜ

Omo! Oppa~ Please be careful, You shouldn't have travelled alone ! I'm so glad that you're okay :')
Take care of yourself~ 
Ya teukie oppa, bring your dongsaeng's back to korea now!! ^^

Apa Pendapat Korang? Cer cite cer cite ツ

2 buah strawberry:

Cahaya Fajar said...

gmbr kat atas,sgt cute!!!
kyu,lain kali,jgn pergi sorg2.ajk lah sungmin hyung(kan die ada martial art).ajak family ke..=_=

Ieta Madzid said...

@Cahaya Fajar tula, spe soh dia gdik sgt g sesorg, haha, nsib tk jd pape kt dia..fuhh

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