5 years with CHO KYUHYUN

Although Kyuhyun’s debut performance with Super Junior wasn’t until May 27, 2006, today is the 5th anniversary of the news broadcast that announced Kyuhyun as the 13th member of Super Junior.

His addition to the group was met with much controversy and contempt by not only a large quantity of ELF, but Super Junior members themselves. Leeteuk has admitted that 10 of the 12 original members were opposed to his addition.
But Cho Kyuhyun never gave up.
In time, Kyuhyun proved his worth, proved his talent, and proved his dedication.
On May 27, 2006, SuJu’s 200th day anniversary, Kyuhyun performed for the first time with Super Junior on public broadcast. And he shined.

Fans who once hated him found themselves captivated by his charisma and stunning vocal ability.  Unfortunately, there were still fans that stood in opposition to him, and refused to accept him as a member.
This lasted until nearly a year after Kyuhyun’s debut when the event of his first, and nearly fatal, car accident, which occurred on April 19, 2007, changed everything.  Those fans, who would have given anything, gone to any lengths to see Kyuhyun removed from the group, nearly got their wish. But not long after, they were singing a different tune entirely. Out of the tragedy of Kyuhyun’s accident, came hope and loyalty. It’s rather disappointing that it took nearly dying to be accepted, but he was accepted nonetheless.
In the Fall of the same year as Kyuhyun’s accident, Super Junior came back with their 2nd full length studio album and the hit single Don’t Don (돈돈), which featured Kyuhyun in alarmingly bright, platinum hair.

Although he was still too weak to perform with Super Junior for their comeback stage, the fans ensured that he was aware that he was loved and welcomed. Kyuhyun watched the broadcast on TV and saw the signs, heard the chanting of his name, and he was moved to tears.  In the interviews following Kyuhyun’s comeback with the group, the other 12 members expressed their undying gratitude that their youngest member was returned to them, and they began to appreciate him more.
The following year, Kyuhyun was placed in the subgroup Super Junior M, spreading his support from not only Korea but China as well.

Their third hit single Sorry Sorry (쏘리쏘리) marked the beginning of the Golden Age of Super Junior and Kyuhyun’s popularity began to grow.

He wasn’t the cute, little maknae anymore, but the suave, sophisticated member whom everyone loved and respected. He was the voice everyone craved and the face everyone sought for. He showed a new side to him that ELF had never seen before and they loved him for it.
The majority of Kyuhyu’s fanbase seems to have arisen with the SJM’s comeback with the track Super Girl.

I don’t think anyone has succeeded in defining exactly what it is about this music video that won so many fans over but he made this era his.
The releases of Super Junior’s 4th studio album 미인아 (BONAMANA)

and SJM’s second mini-album 太完美 (Too Perfect)
have only played out in Kyuhyun’s favor as he continues to improve and to blow audiences away in every corner of the globe.
Happy 5th anniversary, Cho Kyuhyun. Thank you for all that you do and for never giving up. 

May 23, 2006 to May 23, 2011.
Marks the 5th year of Kyuhyun’s debut with Super Junior. Many have disagreed with the additional member of the group but after 5 years I think we have seen that this addition is something we will never regret. Without Suju we wouldn’t know the Kyuhyun we know right now and also without Kyuhyun we wouldn’t know what Suju might be right now. Each and every member in that very precious group is special, unique and is a key figure in making Super Junior Best of the best.

I love you oppa. Thank you for being a Super Junior member and shines my life :)
Saranghaeyo Super Junior Cho Kyuhyun Yongweonhi !!!

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