The reason of super junior's awkward atmosphere in dream team and inkigayo some time ago.

Kyuhyun: During the 5th album's activities, just after inkigayo's recording. There was about 3~4 hours before the actual broadcast so the people who wanted to go back to the dorm went back to the dorm, the people who wanted to play stayed at the waiting room to play, the people who wants to sleep, slept. I had some extra time so I went to the church and received a very meaningful preach. If someone did something, you should do it back. If someone smiles at you, you should smile back. It was such beautiful words so after it ended, I ran back to the waiting room in the broadcasting station. When I went into the waiting room, teuk was lying on the couch with a blanket over his face, hyuk and donghae was pouring water into the bottle cap and hesitating whether to pour the water on teuk's face. I wanted to play with the members excitedly so I went over and told them "hyung, I will do it". So I went over, poured the water on teuk and hid. So teuk flared up and shouted "who was it?!" I heard Donghae saying " wasn't me". Teuk then shouted "Then was it you?!" and I heard a loud bang sound. Then I heard someone saying " wasn't me too.." so I was wondering what happened. When teuk shouted "who was it!!" again, I stood and and said "hyung, it was me". To say it in a more refined way, teuk said "you, this brat..." and he hit my head. After hitting me, he turned around...took a deep breath, turned back and said "you, this bad brat" and hit me again. All the staff in the room turned and look. After getting hit, I was thinking.."this isn't it". When teuk left the room I followed him. He went to the toilet and looked out of the window. I went up to him and said "hyung, shouldn't you not do this no matter what? No matter what kind of mistakes I made, how could you do this to me?". Because my tears were really about to fall, I turned around. Teuk said "kyuhyun-ah, im sorry..lets talk". I said "I don't feel like talking to hyung right now" and went upstairs. After 30 mins or so, I cooled off and went back to the waiting room. When I walked past the stairs towards the waiting room, teuk was sitting there. I could only see his back and the leader's small shoulders... anyway, I tolerated and went straight to the waiting room. I sat on the chair, not talking to anyone. After a little while, teuk came in and said "Kyuhyun-ah, if we receive a award later on, you can say the thank you speech~". I should have said "okay hyung" but I went "no I'm not doing it". After saying that, I started thinking about what I should say for the thank you speech. So we really got the award and I prepared lots of touching things to say. I'm not sure how teuk felt but since he apologized, I was prepared to say a touching thank you speech and resolve everything beautifully. But teuk pushed me aside and gave the mic to hyuk. Hyuk took the mic but weirdly, hyuk's expression wasn't good too.. I didn't know why. After a stereotyped speech by hyuk, I wanted to speak but at this time, the mcs started to do the ending. 
Hyuk: Actually, going back to before everything that happened. Kyuhyun went to the church and victoria and luna was supposed to do a special stage with us but luna injured her leg and went to the hospital. After that, the atmosphere wasn't too good. At that time, teuk wanted to make the atmosphere better so he said "kids, play a joke on me". So we played a joke on him. After a little while, teuk got tired so he laid down with a blanket over his face. This Donghae didn't have sense...he really didn't have sense. At first, he poured the water into the bottle cap and poured it on teuk. Teuk removed the blanket from his face and said "stop it~~" while smiling. But I was sitting at the side, observing and teuk's expression wasn't exactly smiling. So I simply sat there and told donghae "donghae-ya~don't do it don't do it" and this kid didn't have sense and once again! poured the water on teuk's face when he covered the blanket back for the 2nd time. When he removed the blanket the second time, he had a serious look on his face and said "I said stop it". Donghae finally grasped the situation so he was thinking whether he should do it or not for the 3rd time and at this time, Kyuhyun came in. Seeing that it was quite fun, Kyuhyun did it and ran to hide. So after the 3rd time, teuk really flared up. He stood up, came to me, stroked my head and pushed it and went "it was you right?!" so I cried and said "hyung, it wasn't me..". At that point, I was thinking.."does Teukie hyung think that I am easy to deal with?" So i was having a mental breakdown and wasn't feeling very happy after being falsely accused. 
Teuk: Actually, there was a story before that time, the jokes played on me were rather harsh. It was so bad that they even tried to take my pants off. Victoria was there but they tried taking off my clothes! 
Hyuk: Even at that time, it was the senseless Lee Donghae.. 
Teuk: They kept playing jokes on me like this... 
MC: Did you remember all those, Victoria? 
Victoria: I remembered..   MC: Why did you stay in the waiting room until the end?! 
Victoria: At that time, Luna went to the hospital and I was just sitting around. When they took out his clothes, I simply turned away and did not look.. 
Teuk: My pants nearly came off..because we are all guys so we usually play offensive jokes. So before that, I tolerated all the jokes played on me and finally, I told them "okay~ now that you've played jokes on me, I am going to sleep" and put the blanket over my face. After a little while, it felt like some water fell on me. At first I thought it was saliva. I started to worry and wonder if I should get angry. When the water came down for the 3rd time, I took the blanket away and thought it was Eunhyuk who did it. I looked at Donghae and he was far away and Eunhyuk was right in front of me. I took my blanket and threw it at Donghae.."Was it you?!" Donghae was laughing at first but after that, he said "hyung, it wasn't me!". I turned to look at hyuk, who was covering his mouth with his hands. It looked like he was laughing! Eunhyuk was the culprit! So I hit Eunhyuk and he shouted back at me "It wasn't me!!!" So in the midst of all these, I turned and saw Kyuhyun standing up..."Hyung, it was me". At that point, with that large smile and "it was me", I lost all my rationality. I went up to Kyuhyun and hit him, saying "Are you sound-minded or not?!". After I left and went to the toilet, I regretted and cried. "Why did I do that"..Kyuhyun came in and said "Hyung, you can't treat me like that..did you know how much I thought about hyung?" After hearing that, my heart hurt even more. My tears kept flowing and told him "Kyuhyun-ah, just go". Because I still had pride so I told him to go. He left while crying. I went to the car and thought "how should I undo this?" This was the biggest crisis and the team might even break up. This can't do so I went and found Kyuhyun at the balcony of the building. Kyuhyun was looking up at the sky, crying. So at 5m away, I called out to Kyuhyun "Kyuhyun-ah~". Kyuhyun suddenly replied "I have nothing to say to hyung". Because the time to the live broadcast got closer so I told him "Kyuhyun-ah, even if you don't look at hyung, we have to do the broadcast would be good if you do the thank you speech today if we get the award". While we are preparing for the live broadcast, I saw a certain somebody at the back. It was eunhyukkie. Just 15 minutes before the live broadcast, I finally realized that I wronged Eunhyuk and I should apologize to him. Then I thought that I should make Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk do the thank you speech later on. So I went to eunhyuk and told him "Eunhyuk-ah, if we receive an award later, it would be good if you do the thank you speech.."..he replied "why me? Why do I have to do it?" 
Eunhyuk: For 2 hours, I was alone 
Teuk: Anyway, I told him that he was going to do it and the live broadcast started. When we got number 1, the atmosphere was so awkward. I passed the mic to eunhyuk and pulled both him and kyuhyun to the center or the stage. So eunhyuk did the thank you speech very hastily and the encore song started. When the song started, I went to the front of the stage and shouted "thank you everyone!!!!" and "We are super junior!!" but the rest of them (was just clapping with a unhappy face). Some of them were looking at the floor and some of them had hardened expressions. So I tried to cheer up the atmosphere alone.. 
Shindong: my part is the most important part..To be honest, the person that cried the most that day was me. 
Kyuhyun: Thats right thats right that right 
Shindong: That day, I was really sleepy so I was sleeping in the waiting room. I sprang up suddenly after hearing Kyuhyun getting hit. The atmosphere was weird! The funniest thing out of all was that the manager was filming everything down! So after watching the video, I really don't know who was at fault so I went to each of them to console them. I kept consoling them!! Even before we went up the stage, I told them "We are pros! Lets show them our pro image!" So we went up the stage and got number 1. Immediately, I turned to Donghae and the rest of them and started telling them to smile but no one cared about me. Suddenly, I wondered what I was doing so I started to flare up. After the live broadcast ended, we went back to the waiting room. Seeing the members, I really flared up. There was a box in front of me so while shouting vulgarities loudly, I kicked the box. I wanted to show that I was angry. "Just what are you guys doing?!" The biggest mistake that I made was that the box was a Styrofoam box! When I kicked, the box broke and the white stuff flew all over. The funnier thing was that there was water in the box 
Teuk: There was cola in the box! 
Shindong: The cola flew out and sprayed all over Yesung-hyung! 
Teuk: The Yesung that was quietly sitting there suddenly flared up! To Shindong..he shouted "what are you doing now?!" 
Shindong: Yesung hyung didn't do anything I replied "ah that wasn't it.." and kept crying. Because we had a schedule after that, we had to film dream team. I was thinking that when I go for that filming, I will forget everything..  Hyuk: When we got first place at dream team, it was touching and I even crying, saying that when I was running, I really thought of the members... And after I got first place, we all hugged each other and realised we were okay once again.   Source : Strong Heart
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