120728 Hangeng's second solo concert fanaccount

Hangeng's second solo concert fanaccount :

Sapphire Blue in Hangeng's concert

"2years,I miss you"

I see alot of Hanchul lightboards

  • HanGeng’s mother sits between the lightstick green.
  • He cried and then he pointed to the Sapphire Blue Ocean saying “It’s been 2 years, I miss you!” 
  • When he was singing “Let me love, let me love” the screen showed a fan holding Hanchul sign 
  • His Mom held Sapphire Blue Lightstick.
  • He pointed at a HanChul sign & said “I,Hangeng,by your side” 
  • Geng: people come here with the boyfriend? -Fans: no ~-Geng: all single? I am having trouble already. 
  •  He’s just on a plaque HanChul HanGeng, and said: “I always beside you”, for the song “Dancing Queen” Had 12 people for supporting him, a total of 13 people on stage have gatherings 
  • Geng: “still a song that I’ve sung today. I wish you and sing with me. “And everyone sang together in some people at the top, his mother and his aunt Geng waving lighstick green.
  • staff in HanGeng’s Conrect said: “he was crying a lot before conrect took place several hours while preparing, Geng told is” Super Junior is forever whether 20 or 30 years later, please wait for us, Super Junior would be to stand on stage with 13 member. “so to should the fan doesn’t need worry.” 
  •  At the concert end alot of fans cried.

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" I miss him so badly ! And i don't know why i'm teary when i read he said he miss us..mean Super Junior and ELF .. No words can described how i feel right now.. I really hope that he will comeback to us and performing with oppars again . Yes, i will never stop hoping for that. I will wait for you oppa, trust me. It's not an END,but an AND . No matter what,i will always support Hankyung and SJ . Let's never break up ! :) "

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