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Hai..I've read about Eunhae's moments and i'm wanna share it with my beloved fandom --> ELF :)
Are you ready to read it?? Here we go !

1.Once when Hae was in China, members made it a video call. Hyuk was crying because she missed him.
2. Once when Zhoumi wrote to his fans, said he was with “the couple fish” referred to Eunhae.

3. Donghae left a message saying Eunhyuk: I love you. Eunhyuk yelled “stop publishing our love.”

4. A MC asked if he could kiss Dong Hae. Eunhyuk refused and said “Dong Hae lips belong to me alone.”

5. A Dong Hae was never interested in manga, but began to read to see Eunhyuk always talked excitedly about them.

6. The song “a short journey”, in honor of Kangin, was composed by Eunhae.

7. When in karaoke, dare saying “Eunhae fighting” between them.

8. Once, before a surprise visit, Eunhyuk asked, “What are you doing here? Donghae said, Because I want to see. 9. Eunhyuk and Junsu Hae spent a joke, he got up and went to the bathroom. When Eunhyuk went for him found him crying.

10. Eunhyuk was talking once with an MC, not paying attention to Hae, he grabbed her and said “you can only listen to me.”

11. In the words of Sungmin, Donghae Eunhyuk loves to give kisses.

12. Dong Hae goes every morning to wake Eunhyuk, hugs her back and falls asleep with it some more.

13. While recording a program Eunhyuk did not know where Hae. It did not stop seeking until he told where he was.

14. Eunhyuk asked who his closest member. He replied “It’s always Dong Hae, he always will be.”

15. Donghae Eunhyuk always hits when he says “We are not close! Not even friends! “

16. Hae Dong said the best lips in the group are “Jae Hyuk when you wake”

17. Eunhae was chosen as the best partner for the MNnet, with a score of 9.

18. Donghae Cyworld joined by Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk joined twitter for Dong Hae.

19. When Dong Hae have problems, Eunhyuk always go to for advice. 20. When Eunhyuk is very tired, you just need to “look to Dong Hae to be filled with energy” (exact words).

21. When Heechul and Kangin bothered Donghae, Eunhyuk always protected him.

22. A Dong Hae loves teasing Eunhyuk. And when he does not complain, Dong Hae never tires of bother.

23. If you are in the same program, Dong Hae is always placed next to Eunhyuk.

24. Dong Hae always smiles and picks up the flags to put “Eunhae”.

25. Dong Hae gets jealous when he sees the Eunteuk, so if you are with them, or gets in the middle comes alongside.

26. Dong Hae is afraid of loneliness, can not stand being alone, so Eunhyuk accompanies him everywhere.

27. Dong Hae is the picture of Eunhyuk’s mother in his wallet.

28. Eunhyuk’s father said “I Eunhae # 1 fan! Eunhae is real! “

29. Once, during a program, one of the journalists who referred to them as a couple.

30. One MC said “really are very close, as a couple, you can see how they look with affection, love …”

31. When Eunhyuk was chosen to be MC for the first time, Dong Hae said “You are very handsome, really handsome.”

32. Leeteuk was the first to refer to them as “the couple Eunhae”

33. When sending messages via mobile or cyworld (before), are called “love” or “honey.”

34. Are of the same year, but Eunhyuk Donghae loves to call him “hyung”. Donghae does it for him.

35. Eunhyuk has traveled to Mokpo several times just to “feel worried” to Donghae.

36. One night, in Jeju, Dong Hae fancied see sunrise. Eunhyuk spent w/ him all night playing cards.

37. Eunhyuk forgot the birthday of Dong Hae. Said crying “is the person surrounded me. How could I forget? “

38. Eunhyuk wrote a letter saying “Dong Hae, due to be born, to enter Super Junior.. We will always be together.”

39. Dong Hae message “Anchovyy! i luv u! Son Jae Hyuk Lee of God (your love, Lee Dong Hae) “

40. In a program, separated Eunhae for pictures, half of the session did move them all to be together.

41.LeeTeuk asks Eunhyuk and Boram about his scandal. Eunhyuk replied that usually has two scandals: Xiah and Boram. The fans denying it, they said that DongHae too. So what Eunhyuk said to DongHae it was no scandal, for they were dating for real.  {Kiss The Radio Concert

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