Last Letter from Donghae’s Father

08082006-08082012. It's been 6years Donghae's father(Lee Seung Yeon) passed away.  

Last letter from his father
To. My son, DongHae.
DongHae ah. My son, DongHae ah.
My beloved son, DongHae ah.
Dad is very happy.
Because you are my son.
Also because you have become a singer.
Really very happy.
You always give dad a call.
How are you, must be healthy, really so sorry, and also love me a lot
DongHae ah, when dad sees you on television
Will always feel so emotional.
Maybe, because dad loves our DongHae a lot?

DongHae ah, to dad.
You know that being a singer is my dream too.
But because of your grandfather’s objection
Has no chose but to give up the dream of being a singer in Seoul
Brought your mum back to Mokpo
Later you brother DongHwa was born, then after that you were born.
I’m very happy.
DongHwa and you really are my sons.
Really thanks god.
When you were in primary or secondary school
I asked you whether you want to be a singer or not?
That time you said you want to study and play.
But after a few years, you said that you want to become a singer.
When you said that you want to become a singer
All my previous feeling and wishes appear in my mind.
I put the money in your hand, let you go Seoul once then come back.
After you went Seoul, your mother and I always pray for you.
Full of tears, full of emotions my son, DongHae.
Our DongHae will sure success.
If, even if our DongHae has failed
Must not leave wound in you heart.
praying, praying, keep praying.
Later you said you are qualified.
Feel so happy at that moment.
To dad, you really make me proud.
From that moment our DongHae went to live in Seoul
On the one hand I very happy for you
On the other hand feel very sad.
But still believe our son, DongHae sure can do it.
What I can give you is just giving you courage.
After a few years, you finally become a singer.
The first time when received first, DongHae worried about my health and hope that I live healthily.
This is what you said when you gave me a call on that day.
“Dad, I wouldn’t cry now, now definitely wouldn’t cry.
Looked at my fans, good right?
In this world, the person I loved the most is dad, favourite color is sapphire blue.”
When seeing you on the television.
Will remind me of my dream when I was young.
My beloved son, DongHae.
Dad, unable to see my son, DongHae receives new artist award
Also unable to see my daughter-in-law and cute grandchild, really very regret
But, our DongHae must remember.
I will always be guarding you in heaven, will always be supporting you.
Also, our DongHae is the most handsome in the world after me.
My son, DongHae.
I love you.
I love you..

From. Dad of the world most handsome DongHae
source: asianpopcorn

Donghae - A song for his father

Donghae visit his Dad's in Mokpo 
  • When Donghae was in his 2nd year of Junior High, his father asked him if he wanted to be a singer.
  • As Donghae's father had a dream to be a singer, but due to objections from his parents when he was young, he was unable to fulfill his dream, hence he really hoped Donghae could be a singer.
  • After Donghae seriously thought about it, he replied his father saying he wanted to be a singer, because he liked dancing and he had a confidence.
  • Hence, under his father's help, Donghae began practicing for auditions.
  • But at his first audition, Donghae didn't get chosen, and that was the first time he had met failure in his life. Under his father's encouragement, Donghae started preparing for his second selection.
  • The second time, Donghae made it! Donghae's father was really happy, Donghae was selected by SM.
  • Donghae said : "When I was a trainee, there were times I could not perform well, and every night I would secretly cry in the dorm. Even though I could swallow those words against me, but being young, I was hurt a lot. At that time, what made me stand up again was my father."
  • Because he spent many years as a trainee, and his friends were debuting one by one, Donghae felt apologetic towards his family, like he had let down their hopes.
  • But his father always encouraged him by saying : " Don't you know, in order to build a big vessel it needs a lot of time. Hence in order to become someone important, you need even more time. Donghae my son, I believe that to people like these, time is not the most important thing."
  • 25June2006 , Super Junior got the SBS Inkigayo Mutizen award, which was their first award. When Donghae was giving his thank you speech, he told his father who was sick, " Dad, don't feel in pain, I love you."
  • On 8 August 2006, at 2am. Donghae's father was in the hospital, and he quietly left, leaving this world. 
  • Donghae said his biggest wish is even if it was once, he wanted his father to be able to attend his concert.
  • Donghae said his most unforgetabble date is 8 August , that day was the last time he saw his father.
  • "Dance with my father" is a song that he wanted to dedicate to his father.
  • Donghae sang "My Everything" and that song was dedicated to his father.
  • Donghae was crying when he talked about his father .
  • Leeteuk said, until now he still remembers everything Donghae’s father had told him. Donghae’s father held his hand and asked Leeteuk to take care of his son because he trusted him and he knew that Leeteuk is a good leader. He knew he didn’t have much time left, so he left Donghae to Leeteuk to take care of. Leeteuk couldn’t stop crying when he talked about this.
The last letter from Hae's Father made ELF all over the world in the sadness moment right now!Stay strong Donghae. RIP Donghae's father :'/

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