To be an E.L.F. is one of the best thing happened in my life. :)

~ To the world, you might be just an ordinary boy group. But for ELF, you are our world.
~You may not love me as me but its okay. Its enough for me that you love me as ELF.
~I may not your number 1 fan but I will be the first one to cry when you say goodbye.
~Its not hard to fall in love with Super Junior. Actually its the easiest thing to do.
~ We may not be lovers but one thing is for sure, that wen i find someone like Super Junior. I’ll marry him.
~There’s a lot of thing I have to thank God, and Super Junior is on my list and won’t be forgotten.
~ Super Junior gives me the reason to smile whenever I’m sad.
~Super Junior teach us how to respect the other and how to love each other ..That’s amazing how they change our life.
~ It was destiny’s choice to make me ELF.
~If I get a chance to tell you one sentence, it will be “Thank you for coming into my life.”
~Dear Super Junior, whenever you heard me saying “Oppa Saranghae” please believe on it because I mean it.
~Dear Super Junior, Please don’t measure our distance, instead, measure my love for you.
~The best gift that an ELF can receive is Super Junior’s laugh.
~Super Junior’s tears can broke me into pieces.
~Super Junior is not my first love or last love. They are my ONLY LOVE.

Apa Pendapat Korang? Cer cite cer cite ツ

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