110923 Super Junior earns low performance fees despite high popularity level

It was recently revealed that, despite being very popular in all of Asia, Super Junior’s performance fee for variety shows remains low as a group. The fee charged per performance is approximately 209,000 won ($175 USD).
For shows with a more generous production team, Super Junior can make up to 417,000 won ($350 USD). However, this does not seem to proportionately represent Super Junior’s popularity. For singers who have not debuted for more than 5 years, they usually make approximately 167,000 won ($140 USD).
Along with this, it also revealed that Super Junior has always acted professionally during the filming of shows despite the low earnings. For example, an incident occurred during the filming of a recent episode of Dream Team when the filming had to pause for over 30 minutes due to technical difficulties. In order to entertain the audience during this period, members of Super Junior went to the crowd and began dancing and signing autographs, with Leeteuk acting as the MC.
What do you think of their performance fees?
Source: Chinatimes, koreaboo
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Cahaya Fajar said...

poor them....:(
duit yg byk2 tu,SME ambik untg ke diorg ea?

Ieta Madzid said...

@Cahaya Fajar taktau la..tp ksian dorg. kje mati2 tp tk berbaloi :(

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